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One thing you'd want to change about the Xbox 360.

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User Info: pothocket

4 years ago#11
beautifuldreams posted...
an option to turn achievement notifications off without turning off friend notifications

The opposite for me. Keep achievement notifications on and seeing friends signing in off.
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User Info: shinkusanagi

4 years ago#12
i would like an option to delete achievements for games i don't own any more.
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User Info: TheBlueStig

4 years ago#13
Add an app to the dashboard that allows full analog stick calibration and control customization that all games would have to go through.

Change the music folder arrangements to be more like the original XBox where songs could be moved into different folders.

Add the ability to save playlists for songs on USB sticks.

Add support for user-made themes that control ALL aspects of the theme like Sony did with the PSP, they released a theme creator app for the PC, people used that to create their own themes that were far better than anything Sony ever made. Get rid of the stupid fog at the bottom of the screen and get rid of those fugly ass green boxes forever.
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User Info: Warchild

4 years ago#14
Fully customizable control schemes. This is a problem for me when I bounce back and forth between certain games that have similar actions, but are on different buttons. Totally screws with my brain. I know, too, that some disabled gamers would like to see this as well.
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