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Old hard drive into the slim?

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User Info: Rock_Roberts

4 years ago#1
When I first got my Xbox Slim, it was only a 4gb one. I took apart my old HDD from my old 360 and put it into the slot for the slim HDD. Well it worked and I used it this way until I got a 250gb slim HDD.

Well, now my 250gb slim HDD doesn't work right at all and now my slim won't read my old 20gb hdd . Was there a update or patch that was put into place to keep people from using the old HDDs in the slims?

User Info: joshawakka

4 years ago#2
Sounds like something's up with your box, not the hard drives themselves. Maybe see if a friend will let you try their hard drive in your machine.
GT: joshawakka
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