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What is currently in your Xbox 360 disc tray?

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User Info: gamerman555

4 years ago#191
Borderlands GotY
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User Info: bossk5

4 years ago#192
Operation Darkness is in the 360

Disgaea 3 is in the Vita

Star Wars Epidode One Racer is in the Dreamcast

Monster Hunter 3U is in the Wii U

WotS4 is in the PS3

I'm digging them all except for OD....feels like a mess of missed potential.
I buy used games. If you're a MGS fanboy and want to argue....don't bother, I assure you your opinions mean nothing to me. Just a heads up.

User Info: DougEInstructor

4 years ago#193
warior55 posted...
my wiener

has anyone seen that video where a dude installed a fleshlight into his xbox 360 and then literally banged his xbox 360. i watched the whole video

User Info: RevZoom

4 years ago#194
Bioshock Infinite.

GT: oO Durden Oo

User Info: fireball2020

4 years ago#195
Mortal Kombat

User Info: angelsdontkill

4 years ago#196
Battlefield 3

User Info: kungfuj0

4 years ago#197
Forza 4
And to think...people laughed at me when I said MS could out-EA EA any day of the week.
Who's laughing now, *****es???

User Info: MangorushXIII

4 years ago#198
Well these are the games I have in my consoles right now:

Xbox 360: Bully: Scholarship Edition (On Chapter 4) but I usually switch between games like Battlefield 3 and Samurai Warriors 2 from time to time

Wii: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword but before I started playing this I had in my Wii was Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Donkey Kong Country Returns

PS3: None

User Info: Halochief6

4 years ago#199
Red Dead Redemption
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User Info: IzanagiBlast

4 years ago#200
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