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What is currently in your Xbox 360 disc tray?

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User Info: JayD186

4 years ago#211
Nothing...disc drive broke. Digital is all I got.
GT: jd9393

User Info: Nazanir

4 years ago#212
XboX GT - Nazanir

User Info: neo6000

4 years ago#213
Dodonpachi Saidaioujou

User Info: Xenobow

4 years ago#214
MasturCheeff posted...
Nothing. I dislike leaving discs in consoles.

Last disc that was in it was Just Cause 2.

User Info: MrMikeMa

4 years ago#215
Anarchy Reigns

User Info: videogameking33

4 years ago#216
Never keep discs in....but last was Fast & Furious:Showdown
Currently Playing: Rise of the Guardians (360), Last of Us (PS3), AC: NL (3DS)
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User Info: pyrokinesis666

4 years ago#217
lost odyssey
live tag: XxPyRoKiNeTiCxX

User Info: levyjl1988

4 years ago#218
Is everyone making the digital switch from physical. It looks like people are keeping their disc trays empty, or they like to put their games away after they play them.
Now I'll have to buy all next gen consoles, sigh. :(

User Info: MatrixAndrAIa

4 years ago#219
Skyrim - I've had it since release, but burned out on it and took long breaks. I've got achievements from 2011, 2012, and ending in March 2013. I was burned out from finishing and swore I was done! I played Oblivion in April through the end of May, took a break from the 360, and then put Skyrim back in. You know what? It's a lot more fun for me now. Been playing it for a week and a half straight now.
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