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What is the general opinion on the Fable series?

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User Info: nazacuckoo

4 years ago#1
Ok, so let me just start by saying that I've never played a Fable game before, and that I realise that many, many people on this board dislike Fable 3. A lot of people I know IRL love Fable 2, but I never hear people talk about it on this board. Do you guys think Fable 2 is a s***/ok/good/amazing game? And what about the first Fable? I heard that it's getting a HD re-release, but I wouldn't get it if everyone thinks it's crap. I have other things I could spend my money on. So, Gfaqs, what's your opinion on each individual game in the Fable series?
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User Info: OmegaReaper21

4 years ago#2
I really like the first fable.
I like the second fable when I got over the whole disappointing co-op.
The third game does co-op right, but meh.

User Info: pothocket

4 years ago#3
Fable 2 was great.

The 3rd game not only suffered from poor narrative pacing but also odd design choices (let's show the player how it's not any fun being king!!! well....mission accomplished), but it also suffered from the simplification of everything for the sake of coop.

The first game I have not played but Steam has it on sale for like $3 today so I'll be getting that as soon as I'm off work.
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User Info: Merc123

4 years ago#4
I actually never played the first Fable, i hear its the best of the 3 though. I do think i have it sitting around somewhere though.

Fable 2 i thought was a fun game, not the best but i beat it and had fun in co-op.

Fable 3 was worse than Fable 2 because it was way too simplified. I still had fun with it since i just recently played it for the first time and it was free on XBL.

User Info: CBZ652

4 years ago#5
I enjoy the games, I just wish they had better quality control...
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User Info: OmegaReaper21

4 years ago#6
pothocket posted...
The first game I have not played but Steam has it on sale for like $3 today so I'll be getting that as soon as I'm off work.
Man have some fun. I'll be home alone after work on the 4th, I was unsure just what I would play, and I might just have to run through Fable another time.

User Info: HelmesSeifer

4 years ago#7
TC i would recommend checking out the HD remake in that it is truly the only one worth checking out. The other games in my opinion are just insanely easy and lack any sort of depth that I cannot stand them. Unless you genuinely like farting in the faces on npcs, I would stay far away.
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User Info: Minamo

4 years ago#8
Put a pencil/pen on a piece of paper, then draw a straight line down. That's basically a graph of quality of the games, from the first to the third.

User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#9
A lot of people hate 'em. I loved every single one. Except for Heroes.
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User Info: grimmdaddy

4 years ago#10
I liked the first one, hell the gamefaqs board enhanced it with the eternal hunt for the goddamned dragon ( we never did catch it)
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