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Great Games with horrible graphics?

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User Info: orangenee

4 years ago#21
Carribean_Cool posted...
Alpha Protocol.

Yes, it may not be considered "great" to some people, but the choices and variations are amazing. But yeah, anyways, the graphics seem last gen.

I had that on PS3. Went through it all about 8 times. With a lot more polish it would have been a classic.
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User Info: Gary Stanton

Gary Stanton
4 years ago#22
pothocket posted...
Gary Stanton posted...
Minecraft. Horrible graphics. Huge hit.

It's interesting because I think this raises the question of how you define "graphics".

I try to avoid any definition that involves polygon counts or resolutions. I think it's more important to consider how the graphics represent various parts of the game through artistic direction.

Besides, I've seen enough females fawn over how cute and adorable everything in Minecraft is to know better than to label it as "horrible".

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User Info: Elux

4 years ago#23
The Witcher 2
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User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#24
Elux posted...
The Witcher 2

Wat? Witcher 2 is gorgeous, for the most part.

Anywho, Nier and Deadly Premonition are the prime examples.

Deadpool is kind of ugly, aside from Deadpool's model (which is great).
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User Info: ablerider

4 years ago#25
dragon age origins

User Info: TBD2009

4 years ago#26
Xenogears. What? Oh... you meant on the 360? Oh... well... "Braid" then. But it was intended to look that way. Same with Minecraft.

User Info: BrazenMD

4 years ago#27
State of Decay

User Info: grimmdaddy

4 years ago#28
came in to say deadly premonition
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