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What is your current Gamer Score?

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User Info: Tenzhi

4 years ago#91
Somewhere between 70,000 to 80,000 last time I paid attention.
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User Info: Quorthon109

4 years ago#92

User Info: The_Hitman_UK

4 years ago#93
GT- BNP Nonsense

User Info: leitaum

4 years ago#94
right now its 4970, got my xbox for half a year right now. starting to get more games last month didnt have much time to play before

User Info: aheroafake

4 years ago#95
lokinineteen posted...
Sheepinator posted...
Zephyriuum posted...
445, i formatted my Xbox's hard drive by accident. UGH! i'm so fu****g stupid! all my progress, all my saves, all my achievements, everything lost.......

PS: i had 30000+ Gamerscore.....

Deleting things from your HDD doesn't affect your GS.

Mine is 150K-155K, and some fool called me a Sony fanboy this week on the XB1 board.

Of course it will if it is an offline profile and has never been connected to Live.

This happened to me. I wasn't able to sign into Xbox Live for awhile and I got a huge amount of achievements and I wanted my gamerscore to reflect that, so I had one of my friends download my Xbox Live account on his Xbox. Literally right before he started downloading my profile, I remembered that the achievements wouldn't count. But it was too late. Gah, it pissed me off hardcore. I lost maybe a few thousand achievement points because of it. So I said, "**** it" and decided to ignore achievements. It took me more than a few months to actually want to start getting achievements again.
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User Info: VasDeferens

4 years ago#96
Online account -- 3300 or so

Offline - 8600 ( I try out games offline first, since I don't want to start a game find out it sucks and have for example, 2 / 60 achievements permanently on my record ) .

User Info: linkrules2

4 years ago#97
Black Friday 2011 and have a GS of 15,995. I need to play more >.<
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User Info: _ChunksTM_

4 years ago#98
I've had my 360 since September of 2008, and my score is 14922.
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User Info: CrimsonCorp

4 years ago#99
For the longest time I use to think mine was badass since non of my friends are even close to 37000.

But then I started clicking on these topics and realized how that paled in comparison to others here. Perhaps it's because I replay games like crazy. not sure. but wow.
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User Info: JackBurton85

4 years ago#100
I honestly don't even know what this is
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