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You guys more pepped for Saints Row 4 or GTA5?

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User Info: IvanKozlov

4 years ago#51
GTA IV is in my top 5 this gen, so easily GTA V. The free roam is a blast with friends.

User Info: shinobisBACK

4 years ago#52
definitely gta 5, hopefully they will do everything right instead of everything wrong like they did with 4.

sr3 they did too many things wrong after the greatness that was sr2, i got burned by both gta4 and sr3. :( i have seen the sr4 gameplay and it looks even worse so... going with gta this time.

User Info: aya469

4 years ago#53
GTAV for sure. The only Saint's Row game I played was the first one and it was alright, just not enough to hold my interest to beat the game or develop any significant attachment to it.
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User Info: bigJ7235

4 years ago#54
I'll be getting both, however if I can choose only one, I would without hesitation choose GTA V.
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User Info: Smakface13

4 years ago#55
That's not even a question. GTA all the way.
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User Info: S4vage164

4 years ago#56
GTA V why because SR3 ****** it all up for me i loved SR2 played through it more than 12 times. I bought SR3 the day after its release I was disappointed hours into the game it was terrible the customization was terrible the gameplay was tacky the story blows. How the **** are they going to kill off Johnny Gatt in the beginning of the game for no reason we all loved Johnny Gatt?! I traded that crap in for 30 points at gamestop it wasn't even worth the 60 bucks that I payed for it in the first place that games stupid gimps and sex toys they over did it. And now their turning it into a matrix knockoff aliens come on?! What happen to the Third street saints?!

User Info: Offworlder1

4 years ago#57
After borrowing SR 1 and 2 for a short time from a friend and not really giving a crap about it theres no question that I am only interested in GTA V.

I did not like GTA IV much for a number of reasons but after playing SR 1, and 2 I realized "yeah it might be a lesser GTA but it is still one of the better games out this gen", after playing SR I now have much more appreciation for GTA IV.

If SR 1 and 2 are the good SR games I won't even bother with SR 3 or 4.
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  3. You guys more pepped for Saints Row 4 or GTA5?

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