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The Ubisoft Problem.Passwords and details stolen and being used by criminals

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User Info: CloudSFF7

4 years ago#1
So basically Ubisoft lost the passwords and email address's.Some of you may recal hearing about it.I didn't give it much attention thinking "I doubt they could do anything with it"

I got the notification the info had been hacked out of their servers yesterday and literally an hour ago I've just had someone trying to access all my email info.

Yes......I was a complete tool I made the stupid mistake of using the same password for all game related things I do which meant I had the same password on my email......

I'm so p*ssed at myself for being such a fool

Now I should state I literally caught them in the act since I was on my emails at the time and then I got system notifications of someone else being logged on and trying to change passwords along with a bunch of messages Microsoft text me notifying me someone with a different IP address to my own was trying to change stuff.

Obviously from an email account you can grab all sorts of info so I immediately went about fixing things,changing passwords forcing a log out of every system (since emails,social media and everything is so inter-connected you have to change the whole damn lot)

The damage has been minimal thank god,i've chcked all financial based things and changed passwords to different ones for everything I do as an added layer of security just in case they found some.

Now I should state that this is definetly someone trying to get into my system and not me on another device trying to log into my emails since I only us one device for that..

Anyways I know i'll get flamed and everything for being so stupid but i'm alerting you all just in case you did the same thing (i'm sure there are more than a few )

User Info: googler

4 years ago#2
Obviously you don't see the bigger picture. The thieves couldn't care less about hijacking your other accounts and credit cards....they wanted your sweet, sweet uplay points to unlock practically useless themes that haven't been all that compatible with the 360 since NXE update was released like 3 or 4 **** ING YEARS AGO along with a bunch of in-game items that are almost pointless

User Info: levyjl1988

4 years ago#3
I personally never add credit card info to my gaming accounts. Everything that goes towards it is paid in store using hardcore cash or debit transactions and inputted into

I'm always cautious, all this talk about Microsoft suspending accounts and monthly renewals all the time in the forums. Best to avoid such a headache and never input credit card info.

Also use a very strong password. Highly suggest Microsoft's security check system.
Now I'll have to buy all next gen consoles, sigh. :(

User Info: Deimir

4 years ago#4
My yahoo email account got hijacked today, which I think is just odd timing since it's not the email I used for my Uplay and am pretty sure it's a different password too. Even my secret questions have been changed so I'm at the mercy of Yahoo support now as to whether I can get my account back.
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