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Xbox 360 E

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User Info: kingbahamut83

4 years ago#21
The E would not work for me since I use the optical port for my trittons (hopefully soon-to-be Astros).
Gamertag: AccursedVenom

User Info: mohicanblue

4 years ago#22
well thats it for me u all wanted to know about the E and I told you. since Samsung made my 40 inch with one optic port and i have external speakers that use that optic port. I could never use xboxes. My cat and I thank you for the welcome to these boards as I' m a first time user.

User Info: mike468

4 years ago#23
mohicanblue posted...
I did clean it out. west tx dust is an everyday thing here. but when it heats up a 10x13 room. worse than outside and freezes up with an external fan. I opted to trade it in. So I thought Id try the new one. I suppose it will come out later with other stuff to buy for it who knows with China around.

Did you originally have an OG fat Xbox or are you talking about the Slim S model? I'm asking because I have pretty much the same room dimensions, and my OG system kept overheating and shutting down every 15 mins, so i traded up to a Slim S a few weeks ago.

I don't think there is much of a difference as far venting goes between Slim S and Slim E models. both improve considerably over the OG 360.
gamertag: Kabal31082
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