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Dragon Age: Origins, or The Witcher 2?

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User Info: Luke_the_Duke15

4 years ago#1
Which one to get? - Results (34 votes)
Dragon Age: Origins
41.18% (14 votes)
The Witcher 2
47.06% (16 votes)
11.76% (4 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Wondering which one to get since their both pretty cheap on Xbox LIVE right now. As far as RPGs go, I pretty much enjoy most of them, although I do tend to have more fun when they have real-time combat. But I like FFI and IV, the Tales series, and I've played many other RPGs. I played Dark Souls, thought it was alright, nothing special, pretty overrated. I am a little wary of the battle system in Dragon Age, but that's because I don't quite know what to expect, but it seems like it's a little like the battle system in Tales of Vesperia and Tales of the Abyss, in that you control one character and have a few others set on AI.
The Duke has spoken!

User Info: DieMyBride

4 years ago#2
XboxLive GT:JoeStillLife

User Info: NauticalDisasta

4 years ago#3
I think both games are absolutely fantastic. You can't go wrong with either one of them but if I had to choose just one it would be Witcher 2. It has diverging paths and plenty of choices that make multiple playthroughs a must. Also, a much more mature story line when compared to DA:Origins.

If you're looking for a more traditional fantasy style RPG then go with Dragon Age. You can create your own protagonist and will undertake more familiar quests associated with fantasy RPGs. I feel like the graphics haven't aged all that well but it doesn't really matter when the gameplay is as good as it is.

I picked up DA:Origins because I haven't played it in years and I play Witcher on PC.
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