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In your opinion, what is the best RPG on the Xbox 360?

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User Info: HulkxxSMASH

4 years ago#71
master_gamr1231 posted...
New Vegas, all day e'rry day. I'd just repeat everything everyone else has said about it, so I'll leave it at that.

Also, Alpha Protocol was an amazingly good RPG. I'd call it my second favorite. Really stuck to its RPG roots. The amount of ways the plot can branch literally makes me dizzy. I've played through it three times so far and each ending was so extremely different from the others that it was crazy. Good characters and non-linear (for the most part) gameplay. A lot of people complain about the gameplay and shooting mechanics, but it really just takes learning and more patience. Never played another TPS with a system quite like it. Once you've got it down, combat really isn't a problem.

I'm not really an RPG guy an I only came in to see if anyone said Alpha Protocol.

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User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#72
z1hayze posted...
That's a nice list of RPG's, the ones I have played are:

Dark Souls - My favorite RPG
The Witcher 2 - Close second
Skyrim - Never finished
Dragon Age: Origins - Never finished
Tales of Vesperia - Currently playing
Kingdoms of Amalur - Never finished
Final Fantasy XIII & XIII-2

I still haven't played the Fallout games and NV: Ultimate Edition is $20 and comes with a lot of DLC. Fallout 3 GOTY edition is a little cheaper though. A lot of you also mentioned Lost Odyssey which I have always had an interest in trying, but the load times I keep hearing about kind of put me off.

Dude, Lost Odyssey is a must play. After about halfway through Disc 1, it picks the hell up. And it's only around $15. what I seek, Kemosabe.
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User Info: ChissyCheeze

4 years ago#73
I'll just have to go with my top 3 favorite franchises: Fallout, Borderlands, and The Elder Scrolls!
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User Info: Wintersun616

4 years ago#74
Final Fantasy XIII.

User Info: LoneCourier2281

4 years ago#75
I have a lot of RPGs for the 360, but I jus recently got a 360 so I barely have played any of them yet.

But I'm playing Fallout 3 right now, I know it's not an exclusive. But wow I love this game.

So by default, for me it would be that. But after I play The Witcher 2 or Blue Dragon or something else, it might change. Who knows?
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User Info: theedizzyone

4 years ago#76
Exclusive? Lost Odyssey. No question about it.

User Info: CaffineRush

4 years ago#77
The Mass Effect trilogy and not just on 360 but of all time.
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User Info: JayZero4

4 years ago#78
Lost Odyssey, the Mass Effect Trilogy, Tales of Vesperia, The Penny Arcade series, just to name a few.

User Info: A_Bit_Of_Charm

4 years ago#79
dark souls by far
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User Info: theofficefan99

4 years ago#80
Lost Odyssey, though the battle system was far too archaic and dull, and the ending was absolutely terrible. Gongora was a horrible villain as well, and the technical issues were annoying. Great experience overall, though. I'd give it an 8/10.

Aside from Lost Odyssey, Final Fantasy XIII, The Witcher 2, Infinite Undiscovery and the Mass Effect trilogy are all great RPG's as well.
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