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GTA V Gameplay Trailer.

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User Info: axelfooley2k5

4 years ago#51
sweet fancy moses

that was good
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User Info: oasisbeyond

4 years ago#52
Only thing that doesn't look good is the voice sync and characters when they talk just stand there unatural. Look at that fat chick for example... But whatever. This game will have great mechanics unlike the old ones. Great shooting like Max Payne, great driving like Dirt or need for speed... Sign me in.

User Info: AmazingDany

4 years ago#53
I had a lot of fun with IV + LC Eps.

I really don't get the hate.

User Info: TheBlueStig

4 years ago#54
ElderPredator12 posted...
TheBlueStig posted...
velvet_hammer posted...
TheBlueStig posted...
You can plainly see that the person is playing with a mouse and that this is running on a PC, no controller works that smoothly and accurately.

wrong PS3 button prompts are shown.. R* even came out and said its all ps3 footage

Companies have been making claims like that for years, and almost every time it's been found to be bulls***.

Look at the crosshair movements, they're perfectly linear straight lines each time, almost all headshots, and absolutely no fumbling for that perfectly aimed shot like EVERY other controller shooter made so far, especially those long pistol shots in the construction site scene with the black car being used as cover where the victim's head in the distance and the crosshair dot are the same size.

It looks like it's done with a mouse with a heavy amount of auto-aim and lock on happening regardless of the button prompts on the screen.

I'll wait until the game actually hits the shelves and I see real people playing the game with real controllers to make a final judgment.

I used to do s*** like that and twice as crazy every single day in Halo and the Tom Clancy games on 360.

You're severely underestimating how well people can aim with controllers. Either that or you're just terrible. Maybe a mix of both.

Wow, really?????? You're trying the "you must suck at the game" defense?

Gimme a f***ing break, I've seen tons of gameplay videos of the best FPS players using controllers, and NONE OF THEM had target transitions as perfectly straight from target A and target B as that video does repeatedly in every scene, especially in the construction site scene at 3:09 in the video.

Not only are the target transitions perfectly straight, but he pulls off headshots at 75+ yards while running and dodging but the crosshair does NOT dodge with him, all against enemies that are behind cover with no recoil at all.

There's also the simple fact that every GTA game has had lock-on aimbots built into the games, along with an automatic target transition option, but it usually aims center mass and not auto-headshots everything.

As I said before, I'll wait until I see actual humans playing the game for real.
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User Info: pitt12177

4 years ago#55
The transitions are extremely feasible on a system controller, especially if it matches Max Payne 3. Pop in MP3 on any console and give it a whirl. It's easy to go from head to head even without bullet time. Same for RDR. Same mechanics.

User Info: Jas_Pata

4 years ago#56
Here's a quote from a GI artice.

"We've also added other assists to free aim for each of those modes, including help with reticule speeds near targets. We've also spent time making sure the camera movement is smooth so you aren't disorientated by choosing between targets in the heat of a battle. Both of these work in tandem to make the shooting feel fluid without you noticing there's any assistance at all.

In addition to the assisted modes, experienced shooter players should feel more comfortable than ever playing the entire game in free aim."

Also I just watched it again, it is certainly nothing close to a straight line in which he aims from one npc to another.
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