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Can someone list the main complaints people had about GTA IV?

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User Info: MertensCW

4 years ago#51
Ones that i can still remember and some duplicates from those mentioned above.

-Cops on your ass for the lamest of things.. I killed a flying rat - one star. decide not to shoot the ones i can walk up to and whack 'em instead, one star..WTF!
-Too much cop interference. Allow me to go crazy for a bit before cops get super serious.
-No bicycles
-No planes
-"No seatbelts. If your going to have me fly thru windshields, i should have a seatbelt option."
- Exploding gas tanks. okay cool ,except those sobs are hidden hard to see. Fun...
-No garages, hated the random disappearing cars, just because the stupid NPC Ai would knock them out of the designated area.
-No buying safe houses
-No unique mission vehicles
-No buying property businesses
-No gangs or gang territories
-No tanks or Military
-Lacking mini games
-No sky diving
-Poor clothing options
-No vehicle customization
-Annoying characters / Phone calls.
-Must keep friend level high to access bonuses.
-No Ambulance,Fire missions.
-Bike driving was awful. I understood it, but it was awful when anything can easily knock you off them.
-I actually like the car physics to a degree. Though a toned down version would be better, because crazy stunts became a rarity = less fun.
-Car damage. Some showed damage far too quickly & ruined the look of the fancy sports cars.
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User Info: JKSonic

4 years ago#52
warior55 posted...
So we pretty much all agree that its a flawed game, but still pretty good. So why does it have the highest metacritic average of any game ever? I dont understand how almost every reviewer gave it a 10 when it obviously has glaring flaws that make it imperfect. I guess 10's are just thrown around too much to begin with.

This game is the main reason I can't trust professional reviews anymore. They completely overlooked quite a few flaws when in other games they count them as deal breakers. Their excuse is basically "It's GTA, c'mon! C'mooooon... COME OOOOOOOOORRRRGGGGGNNN!" (pinup and boudoir) (families, scenery, etc)

User Info: lolamericans

4 years ago#53
its boring as hell.

User Info: TSROCKS

4 years ago#54
-Liberty City was boring and sucks compared to Vice City or San Andreas. It's just brown and grey everywhere and every part of the city looks the same.
-The game was boring and took out all of the fun stuff from the other GTA's (Tank, Planes, Flamethrower, Minigun etc.)
-To make up for all the content missing, they added the man-date feature which was terrible. In what way is bowling with a computer AI cousin more fun then all of the cool stuff you could do in San Andreas?
-Gamebreaking Glitches, including one I got that prevented me from continuing the game.
-Parking on the street was way worse than parking in garages cuz cars could hit your cars and even knock them out of your parking spot thus making you lose your car.
-No buying properties.
-The one thing that everyone said the game was amazing for, the story, is terrible. Brown and Grey seriousness does not make a game's storyline good. It was basically "I need money" for 90 missions and I never felt I rose the ladder or got anywhere, unlike the rest of the GTA games.

GTA IV was a HUGE dissapointment to me and I don't get how so many people consider it anything other than that.
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User Info: Bank_Holiday

4 years ago#55
mostly gameplay things that were fixed with red dead, which was a much smoother game...
just stuff like the shooting and the movement.
I also found Niko a bit annoying, and most of the other characters were pretty annoying. The phone calls were terrible.
I just don't think the heavy city setting fit perfectly. It didn't feel open enough, like San Andreas, or even Vice city.
Somehow, it just didn't feel as fun as the older ones.

It did a lot of things very well though, like all the tv and multiplayer additions. The music wasn't as good either. I just kinda felt a lot more immersed in the older ones, while in 4, it felt like running some guy around a cold, indifferent city

User Info: DxZ99

4 years ago#56
You know. For the longest I never understood why people disliked GTA IV, then I just realized something. GTA IV is the one I've spend the least amount of time in SP, yeah I finished it, and killed all the flying rats, ect... but beyond that, like just free roaming its at the bottom.

I think the only reason I consider GTA IV so great was because of the MP, particularly Free Mode with a group of people I knew. Without MP, GTA IV would've been... disappointing in most categories.

I've finally come home, and opened my eyes. You guys won.

User Info: plus1zero

4 years ago#57
It was popular so it got bashed. GTAV will too.

User Info: WhitGameR44

4 years ago#58
plus1zero posted...
It was popular so it got bashed. GTAV will too.

It's not like anyone here didn't give actual legit reasons for not liking it...idiot.

A lot of the reasons I disliked it have pretty much been said but I'll list them all anyway.

-Driving. I got used to it, but I would rather have Sleeping Dogs or SR arcadey type driving

-Mission Structure was god awful. Way to much driving, way to many similar missions (there were dozens of "drive across town, confront someone, OMG AMBUSH, kill his minions, drive after him, take his car out and kill him as he runs away from his car")

- Pretty much all side stuff was tedious or just flat out boring. Man-dates, stealing cars, etc

- CHECKPOINTS all GTA games piss me off in this regard. At least restart me where the real mission begins, not at the very very beginning where I then have to drive all the way back....

-Characters. Seriously didn't like anyone in the game. And at this point outside of ur cousin and that meathead you friend with, I don't even remember anyone in the game anymore.

-Controls and Gunplay. Everything from driving to controlling Niko felt off to me. Like everything is on ice or something. Gunplay was just bleh, though still 100x better than the lock-on of old.
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User Info: JKSonic

4 years ago#59
plus1zero posted...
It was popular so it got bashed. GTAV will too.

Sick of people coming in here saying stuff like that or "it was bashed because it wasn't SA...bleh bleh, etc etc".

If you'd take even a few minutes to browse through this thread you'd see dozens of completely legitimate reasons why people didn't like it or parts of it. I have never had another experience where both (most) critics and big-time fans of the series are so willing to not only just blatantly ignore it's flaws, but even flat out defend and even deny them.

This game was hugely flawed, BUT AGAIN, that didn't mean it was a terrible game. 10's though? There's just no way possible unless you're purposely ignoring certain aspects. I may even give it an 8 I'd have to play it again (more likely a high 7), but there's just no way a high 9 or especially a 10. (pinup and boudoir) (families, scenery, etc)

User Info: Razorbladez

4 years ago#60
My only complaints were the floaty camera and cover system could be problematic at times, the soundtrack was good, but I always felt it could be better, and I miss some of the more interesting side missions and mini games from previous GTA's. That being said, I still really liked the game and Rockstar really did a great job making DLC that was worth the cost, in my opinion.
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