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Best impulse buys you've ever made?

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User Info: lnfested_Zombie

4 years ago#61
-Soul Reaver(Cover art looks good) & Blood Omen
-Resident Evil(and because of this Im "kinda" a collector on the series)
-MGS(Same as RE description)
-Silent HiIl
-FF7(Made me like the series),

GBC: Pokemon Gold

-Castlevania HoD(Made me like the series)
-KH:CM(Made me like the series)

-Persona 3,
-Magna Carta ToB(I had fun with it)

30 billion dollars in cash.

User Info: Quorthon109

4 years ago#62
Way back (some time in 2004) when I was in gamestop and decided to grab the Morrowind GotY for the original X-box. I had played it before at a friend's house for awhile and was totally overwhelmed and didn't understand the game. Decided to give it another try and it became my favorite game of all time. I've since bought it for PC.
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