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Would you rather a game...

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User Info: Master_M64

4 years ago#1
treat you like a god all the way through, even when you play like crap (ala Prince of Persia 2008), or would you rather a game punish you whenever you make a dumb mistake or stop paying attention.

I'm playing through Prince of Persia 2008 right now and it really irks me how little you have to care about messing up at all. At most, you suffer a minor annoyance which dulls the sense of accomplishment you receive whenever you complete a portion of the game. Initially, this is why I stopped playing it back in 2008, only now coming back to it as a part of my backlog.

I much prefer games like Dark Souls, for example, where perhaps they may not be the most challenging skill wise (in PvE at least), but they require you to actually pay attention and play the game to not die while you play through it. Not to mention the sense of accomplishment and progression you feel after defeating each individual section of the game.

What about you guys? :o
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User Info: master_gamr1231

4 years ago#2
I'll just say that I play games to unwind. The last thing I want is frustration during my relaxation time. Not that I can't tolerate ever losing, but I found games like Dark Souls very off-putting.
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