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There isn't a single Digimon game of Xbox 360.

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User Info: GGearX

4 years ago#11
Renamon posted...
GGearX posted...
Renamon posted...
My username!

She's sexy.

It's sad though, do a google search on for Renamon and probably 75% of the images are fan art where they add ... body parts. :(

How is that sad? She has legs (dem thighs) and a head and a body.

You don't make sense rena. None at all.
Gt-KryDamoure (Cryoflove)
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User Info: iEchoes

4 years ago#12
Apart of me always had hope we would see another Digimon World game on consoles.
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User Info: kingwutugu

4 years ago#13
Vlayer posted...
I really liked the first Digimon World on Playstation, heard that there was a "remake" on the PSP but it's Japan only.

2nd one was the best, and i played them all
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User Info: Renamon

4 years ago#14
Wow ... so after seeing this topic I went and watched the first season of Digimon again and man... the memories...
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  3. There isn't a single Digimon game of Xbox 360.

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