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Thoughts about the Slim compared to the Original (aka Fat) model?

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User Info: FenDieselLives

4 years ago#1
I'm thinking of buying the 4GB Slim off my buddy for cheap and replacing the 4GB HDD with a 250 GB HDD. Right now I'm sitting with the old, fat version of the console and a 120 GB HDD. The reason I have been considering the upgrade is that I hear the Slim is much quieter and I've also heard no one ever have issues with their Slim Consoles going bad.

This is where I need some community assistance. For those that have owned a "fat" and "slim" model, what have you noticed? Also, does anyone have issues specific to the slim?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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User Info: SVT52986

4 years ago#2
Having both systems I can attest that the slim is much quieter and runs much cooler than the original 360.

User Info: blakbird13

4 years ago#3
I swapped my phat 360 with my slim 360 in my bedroom because of the noise ... The slim is much much quieter ...
And I've never had any issues with the slim ... I never had any issues with my phat either ...

User Info: Pwnostar

4 years ago#4
The slim is much quieter. Like seriously, the fat model sounds like a lawnmower in your bedroom by comparison.

I've also never really heard of the slim consoles dying. They definitely break at a significantly lower rate than the fat models.
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User Info: FenDieselLives

4 years ago#5
Ha, my console absolutely sounds like a lawnmower now. It sounds like the slim is a no brainer really.
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User Info: orangenee

4 years ago#6
Even in this god awful weather with the fire orb of death blazing in full, my 360S still makes barely a peep.

Now if I switched my fatty on it would sound like a squadron of jet fighters taking off all at once.

The DVD drives are still noisy though.
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User Info: FenDieselLives

4 years ago#7
Anyone have any other opinions? Might commit to a system tonight.
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User Info: Dan 00 007

Dan 00 007
4 years ago#8
I recently upgraded from an Elite to an S (MS forced my hand with the announcement of the Xbox 360 E, I wanted to make sure I got a new S before they go extinct). My only regret is having waited so long. The system runs extremely quiet which is huge to me. When I install a game to the HDD I can't hear it at all. Playing RDR from the HDD on my Elite sounded like a small vacuum cleaner was running. With the S I can't hear anything unless I mute the TV, turn off the central air and put my ear up to the console, no exaggeration it is really that good.

Outside of noise the disc drive opens and closes very smoothly, no grinding or other sounds like I grew to know with the fats. Power and Eject are touch-sensitive buttons so be mindful where you place the system. Obviously never move the system when there is a disc in the tray, the S it known to easily damage your game if jarred. Also the S has built-in wireless, if that's your thing.

Other than that it's still a 360 and will play your games in the same manner. Its just a much more reliable, power efficient, quiet-running Xbox 360.
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User Info: ablerider

4 years ago#9
wireless internet is good

User Info: beautifuldreams

4 years ago#10
i had two slims, and their power bricks were both louder than my phat console (i play all my games installed to hdd for what it matters). i would just try to purchase your slim from a good retailer, so if you get a loud brick, you can exchange it for another one.
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