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Is spartacus legends multiplayer only?

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  3. Is spartacus legends multiplayer only?

User Info: szunega

4 years ago#1
I'm not very good at games and don't wanna bother playing with other people. But I am confused if this has single player or not because all I see is a "legends" mode and it's asking about quieing me up with other players?
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User Info: SS_MetalSonic

4 years ago#2
legends mode is single player . quick match will set you up with an online match.
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User Info: glassghost0

4 years ago#3
It's pretty much the opposite of that. You can either play Single Player or only play against Random Online Opponents. You can't even set up a match to play against your friends.
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  3. Is spartacus legends multiplayer only?

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