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The HALO 4 X360 bundle console is awesome.

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User Info: C810

4 years ago#11
cdp1705 posted...
C810 posted...
rickey99 posted...
SunDevil77 posted...
The controllers that come with it are sexy as f***

Yeah, I was disappointed that they didn't sell them separately.

That was actually a surprising move. I thought they were going to since that usually sell the controllers separately, even the Reach ones. I wonder what made them not do it with the Halo 4 ones

they did, just a different version of it

this is the one that came with the console:

this is the one sold separately:

Right, I forgot about that controller. Still though, that was the only time where they didn't sell the exact same controller that came with the console bundle
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  3. The HALO 4 X360 bundle console is awesome.

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