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Question for older gamers: Have gamers always been as grouchy as they are today?

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User Info: SteelTooth

4 years ago#161
Lightborne posted...
But there *is* *too* much and more important things in life *than* perfecting your *grammar* in every way. *It's* always good to improve yourself but people are aware of *their* imperfect *grammar* and don't need to be told this by every other post from a *grammar* elitist.

No one is being a "grammar elitist", it's simply respecting the medium with which you choose to communicate. The only excuse is if English is not your first language.

I mean, c'mon person, how wood you like it of other peeple rote every poast like you dew?

You commonly misspell words that are easy to remember. By refusing to improve your typing habits, you instantly lose credibility and come across online as a backwoods hokum who can't speak effectively, therefore leading to the notion you cannot be taken seriously in a conversation.

Take a quick moment to review your post before submitting; it only takes a second.
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User Info: warior55

4 years ago#162
Geez people, stop arguing over grammar. Who cares?

User Info: Psalm51

4 years ago#163
Arguing about grammar? Perhaps it is only grouchy gamers who care about such things or maybe bad grammar makes gamers grouchy...Who knows!
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User Info: DarkCaptain3

4 years ago#164
It wasn't how it is today in the older days. I believe it more has to do with the fact of being able to now connect with your consoles via the internet and such. The newer generation of gamers just tend to complain about the games more than the ones who started in the older days (no offense to anyone).
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User Info: FlyEaglesFly24

4 years ago#165
I don't know TC but you sound just as whiny as the people you are criticizing.
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User Info: Scoter81

4 years ago#166
Lightborne posted...

But there us to much and more important things in life then perfecting your grammer in every way. Its always good to improve yourself but people are aware of there imperfect grammer and don't need to be told this by every other post from a grammer elitist.


User Info: namewitheld

4 years ago#167
My first console was a NES. I got a SNES when I was about 10. I used to get really angry at NBA JAM 90something. I complained about it to my sister who gave not one **** about it so Im sure Id have been on the internet moaning about it if Id had the access and know how.

Complaining is as old as our species. Too hot, too cold, brother in law is lazy, holy man is unfair, wrong type of bamboo..and so on.

When I die I have a list of complaints I want to give to El Creator.

User Info: Psalm51

4 years ago#168
Namewitheld...Great signature, btw! How does bamboo fit in with our topic?
King David, my hero.

User Info: simonbelmont2

4 years ago#169
Lightborne posted...
Lil_Bit83 posted...
En Sabah Nur posted...
TC, the answer is no.

I have been gaming for like 25 years or something and things were never like this. I mean the truth is that we didn't have the internet back then and everything was word of mouth and whatever we read in magazines like EGM and Gamepro. Regardless, people weren't such whiny moronic trolls. The behavior that people exhibit today was unheard of. We had soooo many bad games and we either played them and dealt with it (while still admitting they sucked), or ignored them and focused on the gems.

Now even the triple-A, awesome games have people trying to **** on them and discredit them and boycott them and complaining about every little element and aspect. I've said it before and I'll say it again: developers and corporations are NOT what is wrong with gaming right now, it's the players. Most of the idiot consumers as well as the people spewing nonsense and irrational hatred on forums all over the internet for all manners of inconsequential, insignificant stupidity are the problem. They shouldn't even be allowed to play games.

You need proof? Here. People complain about homogenization and lack of innovation in series like Call of Duty and so on (and still support them). Yet do they buy the interesting, highly imaginative games made by companies like Platinum or Grasshopper Manufacture? Not enough, no. People complain that they want more long, story-driven, immersion-filled games (like Mass Effect) but the they go ahead and file complaints with the FCC over an artistic ending choice that is not to their liking, prompting the creators of the previously beloved series to actually quit their jobs. Need more? How about "fans" now hold so much power that they are literally crying about any tiny (or substantial) aspects of a game they dislike and are actually being listened to and having things changed, but when these things are changed they decide they are now upset that these things were changed and these companies don't have solid direction or integrity to bow to pressure so easily.

Can you see what is wrong here? Fans don't know what they want. But they THINK they do. So they clamor for whatever they're convinced they need until they get it, and then their mood completely flips and they decide that isn't what they wanted (again, because they never knew). Failing that, they just complain because they like negativity and drama because they are negative, unintelligent individuals. You can view it however you want, but this is the truth of the industry and gaming "fandom" today.

Truer words have never been spoken

Wow didn't see this post and I think your right fans don't know what they want.

I agree completely, when I was growing up kids did not whine and moan incessantly about trivial stuff, we simply stopped playing a game that was crap and played the ones we liked. We also didn't have a sense of entitlement and didn't act like game devs owed us something.

These days it has become popular for people to whine about insignificant details and act as if every game is the worst one ever made, the same thing happens with movies on forums like IMDB.

The internet gives people a voice and the ability to express their opinions in a public forum even if they are trivial and immature. Also people can troll and be obnoxious without fear of reprisals and a face to face confrontation. The internet attracts a lot of people with poor social skills and serious personality flaws, such people cannot accept another person's point of view if it differs from their own.
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User Info: Zohar_Metatron

4 years ago#170
Even in the early 90s on BBSes, people were going "man these new consoles are so casual." Seriously.

But yeah, it's more visible now, and it's honestly probably resulting in an echo chamber of crybabies having more of an influence on games then any of us would want.
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