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Question for older gamers: Have gamers always been as grouchy as they are today?

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User Info: Lightborne

4 years ago#171
SteelTooth posted...
Lightborne posted...
But there *is* *too* much and more important things in life *than* perfecting your *grammar* in every way. *It's* always good to improve yourself but people are aware of *their* imperfect *grammar* and don't need to be told this by every other post from a *grammar* elitist.

No one is being a "grammar elitist", it's simply respecting the medium with which you choose to communicate. The only excuse is if English is not your first language.

I mean, c'mon person, how wood you like it of other peeple rote every poast like you dew?

You commonly misspell words that are easy to remember. By refusing to improve your typing habits, you instantly lose credibility and come across online as a backwoods hokum who can't speak effectively, therefore leading to the notion you cannot be taken seriously in a conversation.

Take a quick moment to review your post before submitting; it only takes a second.

That's where you are wrong if you can read them it shouldn't matter, if people do it in purpose its not your place to complain, the only choice is to ignore them honestly I dony care what others think it doesn't effect me at all
The truth is that they have control issues and they choose not to accept that, this is not a black or white issue both parties have an opinion but one thing is right. You simply should not control others and it should not matter.

I think people should be respectful before they worry about there grammer yet no one complains about that. There are allot of things people will do rather you like it or not.

User Info: Lightborne

4 years ago#172
I agree completely simon and people abuse the opinion excuse way to much and I'm starting to think that is what ruins games. To many different opinions resulting into a game that fans or most gamers don't want. For example all of a sudden gamers want depressing and dark games. Now I think there should be some that are emotional but what happened to games making you feel awesome to?

You know those epic feelings we get from games like gow or shadow of the collases, I understand gamers want non cliche stories but what most people don't get is that its how the story is told is what really makes it different. And I have seen more reaction from epic feeling games then dramatic or darker games. But there seems to be more demand for dark and depressing.

User Info: NeoGeoXSega

4 years ago#173
People got less grouchy from the 2D era to the 3D era, because 3D was new & gamers didn't know what to expect.

Now there hasn't been any transition for anything new (unless you count the new motion sensor crap). All we have is 3D games that gamers have been playing for 17 years & if the new stuff isn't as good a game from last year or from 5 year ago, it will get flack for it & deservedly so.
"gone are the days of creativity, and playing japanese games because you secretly wish you were japanese" -CinisterX

User Info: TheBlueStig

4 years ago#174
warior55 posted...
I might just be too young to make this judgment (I started gaming with N64/PS1 but didn't really keep up with gaming culture till PS2/Gamecube gen) but it seems to me like gamers are now more than ever angry at EVERY SINGLE change that is made in every series. My chief example of this is Halo: I played Halo CE and was instantly hooked, I bought Halo 2 on release day and loved it, same with every other Halo game. But halo 4 gets tons of s*** for no reason other than angry people nostalgia'ing over Halo 2. If you go back and play Halo 2 now, its not as fun as it was back in the day. There's nothing wrong with Halo 4, but god forbid its not a direct copy of Halo 2, therefore its bad. Grand Theft Auto is the same story: oh, GTA IV sucks because its not San Andreas, blah blah blah. Its ok to think San Andreas and Vice City were better, but don't go to the extreme to say that GTA IV "sucks" when its still an amazing game.

Even look at Pokemon: every b****es and moans about the new Mewtwo form. God forbid Nintendo gives you more content. This is just getting ridiculous, everyone hates everything new before even giving it a chance.

Fellow gamers, I'm gettin real tired of your s***...

If anything these days, people don't complain enough, that's why we get stuck with sequels, prequels, yearly rehashed sports licenses, and massive numbers of character rehashes, and anything original that does come along either gets redlighted and sent back to the drawing board, or it gets changed into a different "more recognizable" license.
"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
Ben Franklin
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