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You must choose your five favorite games for this system. Go.

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User Info: CaoNiMa69

4 years ago#1
5. Catherine
4. Fallout: New Vegas
3. Bioshock Infinite
2. Borderlands 2
1. Mass Effect Trilogy

User Info: TheBlueStig

4 years ago#2
Topic done to death already, search function, bottom of board, use it. Go.
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User Info: HairlessTugboat

4 years ago#3
5. Gears of War 3
4. Max Payne 3
3. Red Dead Redemption
2. Fallout New Vegas
1. Borderlands 2

User Info: whirlmon

4 years ago#4
5 oblivion
4 skyrim
3 umvc3
2 ddr universe
1 ddr universe 4
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User Info: CaIiber345

4 years ago#5
4. Red Dead Redemption
3. Skyrim
2. Minecraft
1. Fallout 3
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User Info: Kraqdar

4 years ago#6
5. Fallout 3
4. Oblivion
3. Red Dead Redemption
2. Batman: Arkham City
1. Skyrim
If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me.

User Info: Hambodias

4 years ago#7
5. The Walking Dead
4. Mark of the Ninja
3. Metal Gear Rising
2. Mortal Kombat 9
1. Red Dead Redemption
Dertbag Clothing

User Info: Moss_27

4 years ago#8
Red Dead Redemption
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
Hitman Absolution
DJ Hero 2
| Hitman: Absolution | Splinter Cell: Blacklist | GTA V |

User Info: CalgaryMaverick

4 years ago#9
5. Fallout: New Vegas
4. Halo 4
3. Mass Effect Trilogy
2. Batman: Arkham City
1. Skyrim
XBL, PSN & Steam GamerTag: CalgaryMaverick
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User Info: FTWWholeFnShow

4 years ago#10
Just cause 2
Battlefield 3
Red dead
Orange box
Wwe 13
-\m/ ProWres Love \m/-XBL: Bennyhanna79
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