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Top 5 moments of the Xbox 360

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User Info: BBBanks03

4 years ago#21
Pretty damn good topic, actually.

5.) The year 2011 for gaming. Just a great year for games and a great year for the 360 all-around.
4.) DLC- sure, it’s been kind of bastardized into a cash-grab practice now, but at the time (and still off and on now) it just seemed so exciting. “Wait, so I can play, enjoy and finish my game, then after a while, I can download MORE?? More game? More new stuff???? Awesome!”
3.) XBLA- one of my favorite things about Xbox Live. It sounded cool as hell when I heard it, and it turned out even better than my initial expectations. Some of the best games this gen can be found there, AND you can pick up tons of the old arcade classics that, for a while, I thought I’d never get to play again.
2.) The year 2007. Probably one of the greatest year in gaming history, also the year the 360 really started to take off. There was just a stampede of amazing games all year, and almost all of them were excellent. Bioshock, COD4, Mass Effect, Halo 3, God of War 2?? Hell yeah.
1.) It’s not even my favorite 360 game by far, but it represents so much. First 360 game I played, first time EVER playing console multiplayer, first time playing online with friends. Gears, to me, though it has been surpassed by many games, still represents the iconic 360 game for me. Easy number 1.
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User Info: MrBathingApe

4 years ago#22
PGR3 - The reason I wanted to buy one at launch. The game looked unbelievably realistic and had so much to do.

Online fighting game scene - Xbox 1 had Sreet Figter 3 and capcom v SNK, but hardy anyone actually played them so it was a desperately depressing situation hanging around for hours online for one match. I thought fighting games would never be popular again back in 2005.

Being able to turn it on with the controller - little things like this made it seem a cut above the last gen when it came out.

Oblivion gates in Oblivion - looked incredible first time I saw one. All fire and brimstone in the middle of peaceful country side. After a while I dreaded the sight of the things of course!

Deathsmiles coming out in Japan - made me buy new console after my first died. It was that big. It was the point when the 360 was handed the torch to keep the 2D shooter flame going like the PS2 and Dreamcast before it.
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User Info: bd0g5

4 years ago#23
1. my disk tray broke
2. RRoD
3. RRoD
4. RRoD
5. My 5+ year old xbox 360 will probably break soon

PS1 still works eloeloeloeloeloel
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