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RPG battle: Dark Souls vs Witcher 2

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User Info: meralonne

4 years ago#21
BloodyDove2vs posted...
Demon Souls for the win.

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User Info: orangenee

4 years ago#22
Witcher 2 combat 101, roll, Quen, roll some more then hit stuff.

That said it's the only game I've 1000/1000 in the years I've had a 360. I loved the story though the all or nothing loot system (the PC let you choose what to pick up) was really annoying.

Dark Souls I haven't played nor do I intend to. Not because it's hard but because it just seems dull like Demon's Souls (which I did play).
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User Info: VeryDarkSoul

4 years ago#23
AWarAmp84 posted...
I chose the Witcher 2 even though I've never played it. Darks Souls sucks ass.

that about shows how reliable the average voter is
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User Info: CyricsServant

4 years ago#24
I voted for Dark Souls.

While I think The Witcher 2 is technically the better "RPG," I think Dark Souls is easily the better game.
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