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Sexiest game character this gen?

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User Info: Justice98405

4 years ago#1
This doesn't even require me to even think about it, at least not for me personally. It's Bayonetta.

I know that some people don't like the character design, and that's fine, but I'm not one of them. I LOVE her way too long legs and her whole character design overall. She's just so damn bad-ass and sexy and powerful all at once.

She's also one of the MOST empowered female characters ever in videogames. Some people might disagree with that, and they would be wrong. She's in TOTAL control all the time, she does WHAT she wants, HOW she wants, WHEN she wants, period. That's it. She is a constant tease to anyone around her, and she doesn't care one bit about it. THAT is power and control, no matter if you like her character design or not. She's hot, she knows it, and she doesn't care what you think about her.

I'm sure others will list other characters, and that's fine. We all have our opinions. Those who agree with me on Bayonetta, let's hear it, and those that don't, let's hear it too, and please explain WHY you've chosen who you pick, as I have. :)
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User Info: Banana_Mana

4 years ago#2
The spidery-looking pinata from Viva Pinata.
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User Info: Overburdened

4 years ago#4
Banana_Mana posted...
The spidery-looking pinata from Viva Pinata.

Just came in to say this.

I guess General RAAM from gears then.
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User Info: crynryan

4 years ago#5
Emily from Deadly Premonition.
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User Info: pothocket

4 years ago#6
well I am not like your dad. I worked as a chef at TGIF-Mattson

User Info: Li0nHeart88

4 years ago#7

User Info: masked_yazoo

4 years ago#8
"Remember, kids...Chu-Chu died for your sins!"

User Info: UltimateGeth39

4 years ago#9
^Here you go your gonna need this flame shield I agree though.
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User Info: nazacuckoo

4 years ago#10
Jill Valentine.
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