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Soul Calibur 2 HD Online is coming

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User Info: StarskiR

4 years ago#41
TheBlueStig posted...
BBBanks03 posted...
sonicteam2k1 posted...
best one in the series
and the only reason the PS2 version was "the worst" is because of the hardware. Running on a 360 and PS3 it will not have that problem

It was considered the worst because it had the lamest exclusive character. Gamecube gets Link, Xbox gets Spawn, PS2 gets... Heihachi?? Pfft. No thanks.

The only people who consider Heihachi to be "lame" are either people who can't use him as a character, or people who get their ass kicked by him consistently.

Your problem is assuming that people played all 3 versions before deciding which is lame.

It was "Famous Nintendo Character" vs "Cool Comic Character" vs "Who?" for most people.
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User Info: SonicFan754

4 years ago#42
metroidman92 posted...
No Link = no buy.

There's no way Xbox is getting Link.
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User Info: TBD2009

4 years ago#43
I think this would be good as an XBLA release... and it'll be in good company with my copy of Soul Calibur I got, when it first released on LIVE. I do have the PS2 copy already (as well as Soul Calibur 3), but it's still nice not to have to fire up the PS2 if I don't have to.

Heck, if they release Soul Blade, that'd be pretty cool, too. That way I don't have to pull out the PS1 just to play it.

User Info: StrangeJourney

4 years ago#44
SoincMetal posted...
StrangeJourney posted...
SoincMetal posted...
I do believe they are working on another Soul Calibur, but are mainly focusing on whats making them real money right now. Tekken.

The same teams don't work on SC and Tekken.

true, but all marketing and resources are going toward Tekken.

Persona sucks.

User Info: sonicteam2k1

4 years ago#45
TheRob posted...
TantrumBull posted...
No idea why people are expecting Link to be on a a non-nintendo system.........

No Spawn again unless namco gets permission to use him

Makes me wonder if Necrid will make the cut either, I believe he was another Todd McFarlane character developed for Soul Calibur 2. It's why we've never seen him again in the series, outside of being a crappy character anyway.

Necrid is in
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4 years ago#46
i wounder why they didnt do SC3 too tbh >_>.

User Info: SoincMetal

4 years ago#47
i wounder why they didnt do SC3 too tbh >_>.

I know right, i found a lot more things better in SC3 than 2. I think they series only got better which each iteration. Maybe we'll see one down the road. I mean SC has always looked good, and i've played SCIII a while back. It's looks damn good to be a PS2 game.
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User Info: Carribean_Cool

4 years ago#48
simonbelmont2 posted...
The devs need to bring back Hwang.

Yeah seriously. He was one of my favorites in 1. Screw Yun Seong >_<
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User Info: DakhanavarX

4 years ago#49
Focian posted...
This was easily my favourite Soul Calibur, so this is good news.

I do so wonder how well it has aged, though.

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4 years ago#50
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