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assassins creed brother hood and revelations...

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User Info: Leonman01

4 years ago#1
was just curious if these games are more of expansions to the 2nd game, or is it like an all new game. do the games have their own cities or is it mostly recycled from previous entries?
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User Info: pothocket

4 years ago#2
They turn AC2 into a trilogy. Brotherhood is very good, Revelations is not.
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User Info: b2trumpet

4 years ago#3
They have brand new cities and add new features.
Brotherhood takes place literally 1 second after AC2.
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User Info: vgsrule

4 years ago#4
It's something in between.

They're brand new locations, story, and by all means a different game. But they share the same general gameplay and mechanics, with only minor additions, and basically feel the same.

Brotherhood I think has the best gameplay, even with only minor additions, has the best Desmond story of the first three, and the weakest main storyline of the first three (though my favorite final boss).

I haven't played Revelations.

User Info: plus1zero

4 years ago#5
Brotherhood is really fun. I liked the hiring of assassins to do your work for you and stuff.

The multiplayer was insanely addictive when it came out. It was like a violent game of hide and seek mixed with tag, then they added perks and stuff and it made it less enjoyable.

User Info: Merc123

4 years ago#6
I think both Brotherhood and Revelations were great.

Brotherhood is pretty much the direct continuation of 2 set entirley in Rome this time which is a huge environment. Story is pretty good and the game is still very fun. Its just as good as AC2 IMO, maybe even better.

Revelations was pretty good too but not quite as good as the other 2. Den Defense sucked but you could avoid it easily enough if your smart and the notoriety system sucked, but if you only bought a shop or 2 at a time you were good too. Story was decent, nothing great, kind of filler. You got to see different parts of Altiar's life past the first game though which was cool. Also Constantinople was a cool and interesting location, alot different than the other locations we had been too. Also i think Revelations had the best set pieces in the whole series. Gets alot of hate though.
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