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New XBOX 360 Owner

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User Info: ItchyTasty93

4 years ago#11
mcnichoj posted...
GGearX posted...
Try out,



The halo series, ( DONT START WITH 4, its the worst one imo,)

Gears of war series

Call of duty

Streetfighter 4

check out some indie games like ( Decay)

The walking dead

Resident evil Code veronica, 4 , 5 , and 6
Congrats on listing 80% of the games he could play/have already played on PC.
lol@anyone recommending RE6.

LMAOO! and lol@anyone who attack other's recommendation
I'm your worst nightmare >:3

User Info: rawrLIKEaB05S__

4 years ago#12
skyrim. borderlands I don't just give you my two cents, I whip a roll of quarters at you head.
PSN: BlueStar7152 | XBL: ajwmawesome

User Info: Fierce_Deity_08

4 years ago#13
SunDevil77 posted...
Halo 4. It's one of the best ones.

Agreed! And it looks mind-bowing in terms of graphics. (I have been playing older games most recently too though. Might have been part of having my heart stop when I first put this game in yesterday.)
With a roar of thunder and crash of lightning, I am Fierce Deity!
Hyrule Dream Address: 5900-2177-3530/ GT: OnikaraStar

User Info: mcnichoj

4 years ago#14
TGAkuma posted...
mcnichoj posted...
GGearX posted...
How about you give it a try?
I did. Great controls but awful plot and awful as a RE.

He meant list some games.
That would be silly because I posted recommendations right before he did.

ItchyTasty93 posted...
LMAOO! and lol@anyone who attack other's recommendation
If people can recommend games, I should be able to derecommend them.
Whole point of recommending in the first place is because you want people to play good games.
PSN/XBL/Steam: mcnichoj
Proud Vita/3DS/Wii U owner. | Level 50 in Gears Judgement Demo, yes this needed to be in my sig because a thread wasn't enough

User Info: kwarantine

4 years ago#15
Arkham Games
Bioshock Series
Dragon Age
Mass Effect Series (My favorite series ever. You will not be disappointed)
Gears of War
The Orange Box
Oblivion and Skyrim
Tom Clancy Games
Portal 2
GT: Menace 117 PSN: Menace117
I would've liked to run tests on those seashells. - Mordin Solus

User Info: DrFeelgood1984

4 years ago#16
Injustice: Gods Among Us (it seems you like fighting games and it's awesome.)
Red Dead Redemption
Arkham Asylum/Arkham City
Gears of War Trilogy (don't bother with Judgement)
Mass Effect Trilogy
Dark Souls
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