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a specific console problem

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User Info: RoseCorsage

4 years ago#1
After searching, ive found many people with almost the same problem, usually with a specific game.

Almost every time i put a game in, it will either say Disk is Unreadable and boot me to dashboard, OR it will sign me out (much like when updating. Same place and timing), the screen goes blank, then wakes up back on dashboard.

After one of these errors occurs and im on dash, the game square just says Play Game, rather than Play Dark Souls, or whatever im trying to load. Starting the game from there is useless, as EVERY time it will result in the same error. So i open the tray and close it again. Sometimes this works, sometimes not. Its pure random. It might work first time, it might work after 5 tries. Yesterday, it took 25 minutes of opening/closing just to play some soulcalibur

Anyone know a fix?
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User Info: pothocket

4 years ago#2
Is Dark Souls installed or are you playing it off the disk?
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User Info: darren19822000

4 years ago#3
if its only doing it with one game sounds like the game is bad. if it does it for any game sounds like your disc reading eye is going bad
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