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Kinda sad what happened with Phil Fish...

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User Info: VeryDarkSoul

4 years ago#71
blame the weeaboo defense force
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User Info: TroyMKII

4 years ago#72
Well I never really took the guy seriously after he made those ridiculous comments about the 3DS/ DS. I don't feel sorry for him. He needed to go, just sucks that it took so long for him to take a hike.

User Info: Lilith_Rose

4 years ago#73
ValedictorianXD posted...
ThatPersonGuy posted...
Irony = People piss on Fish for being a whiny brat and for getting too offended over things, where they are in fact the ones getting too offended for small comments he makes on things and proceed to go onto the internet to whine.

Nailed it. As much as I don't like Fish, and I'm glad he left, I find it incredibly ironic and humorous that people call him whiny for reacting to 100s of 1000s of their negative comments for each 1 of his negative comments. Phil Fish is less whiny than anybody here and infinitely less whiny than the collective internet lynch mob. I'd bet a fortune on it.

Again, I'm not defending him and I'm glad he's gone because he really does make the rest of the industry look bad but you guys are so eager to jump on this guy's pole, it really does make Fish's ragequit seem tame and almost justifiable...almost.

Besides that, you guys have done exactly what Fish wanted all along: you immortalized him. The guy wanted to build a legacy and he did just that, thanks to you guys. Maybe it wasn't the legacy he wanted necessarily but his name will certainly be known for quite some time...right up there with the likes of Adam Orth and John Riccitiello. I guess he did win after all, even if it is a Pyrrhic victory.

I agree, while tFish was pretty much a d-bag, it's funny how many people took his comments too personal. If the guy was such a narcissist, why not ignore him? many people on the internet do need to get a thicker skin as much as he does.

User Info: JackBurton85

4 years ago#74
The clear(well it SHOULD be clear) difference is that Phil Fish is a professional. He may have started out as some random dude trying to make a game all on his own, but that game became a hit, he made money, he started making a sequel. He became part of the industry. He became a professional developer/game creator whatever the proper terminology is.

He ceased to be some random yahoo on the net like the rest of us. He wasn't in the same position as the random message board users and jerkoffs on twitter bashing him. He SHOULD have been above that. It's like i said before, he shouldn't have been wasting his time at all getting into it with people on the net on twitter and whatnot.

You rarely(if ever) see movie directors, actors, tv stars/writers/etc., other professionals in the videogame industry going on message boards and trading back and forth with people, you don't see them flipping out over random peoples criticism on the net, quitting projects over it, etc. It's unprofessional.

User Info: diebuster2

4 years ago#75
TheBlueStig posted...
Not sad at all, you won't find any defenders of Fish here, he's a dick.
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User Info: kikomansi

4 years ago#76
As badly as he acted, I still have respect for him and other indie game developers. Indie Game: The Movie kinda brings light to what they have to go through.

User Info: aj4x94

4 years ago#77
kikomansi posted...
As badly as he acted, I still have respect for him and other indie game developers. Indie Game: The Movie kinda brings light to what they have to go through.

He cancelled his own game, man. He doesn't deserve his fans(who have stuck by him, no matter how misguided it may be), because he clearly doesn't care about them.
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User Info: kikomansi

4 years ago#78
In the movie you can see him (several, several times I might add) on the verge of some kind of psychotic break down. I wouldn't be surprised if he is still working on it lol... He does indeed have some issues he needs to sort out.

User Info: VeryDarkSoul

4 years ago#79
I don't care what someone says, what they do is more important. Unless he punched a Japanese hooker in the face or took a crap a literal on somebody, it doesn't matter.
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User Info: MattDark86

4 years ago#80
TheBlueStig posted...
6. Self publishing is announced/leaked, he gets asked for a response and becomes an even bigger dick.

This! So many people seem to be forgetting about this bit, especially in the whole Beer vs Fish argument.

As far as Fish' supporters and the anti journalism groups are concerned, Fish refused to give an answer to something that was only 'rumoured', so Beer blew up at him, calling him out.

But that's not why Beer ranted about him. He was pointing out the fact that Fish would use any and every chance to bad-mouth another company if it could make him come out looking like the person who had been wronged, or that would let him promote his game.

He was simply asked about what he thought about the whole self-publishing thing for the Xbox One, given how openly he moaned about Microsofts fees to patch games. But rather then give a decent answer, or at least say 'No comment', he just used it as another excuse to moan.

And that what he got called out on before he threw his temper tantrum.
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