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does 120hz and 240hz have any benefit in console gaming?

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User Info: Ironcondorz

4 years ago#21
greekgamer posted...
isn't 600 Hz just a marketing sceem and really is 60hz? So i herd there is no real measurement so they get away with this?

Yes that is a marketing thing (sort of). Plasmas operate at 60hz (well any available now). What it does is create each one of those 60 images in 10 parts (the whole image each time, back to this later). So the plasma actually does operate a "600hz" but it isn't capable of producing 600 complete frames per second, what it is doing is creating 600 1/10 images (sub-fields) per second, and that works out to be 60hz in the end.

In a plasma the pixels aren't moving they are just on or off. Each of the 10 "sub-fields" that make up one frame is in a different state of on/off, and that mix is what varies the brightness. The 10 sub-fields makes the one actual frame from the source. This is also why plasmas can't match the light output of an LCD, each pixel has to make its own light or lack of light and mix them.

So in short a plasma isn't using 600 frames as far as content/movement goes, but it does produce each of the 60 frames 10 times per second, which should give you a good idea why they don't have issues with motion and are typically good with input lag (minimal processing).

Now an LCD has motion issues because each pixel is actually moving and needs time to move from state to state (It has an always on backlight, hence the superior brightness). What manufacturers do is create extra frames by calculating new frames between two real frames so the transition isn't as jarring. Some don't do this but still pump their Hz claims with other methods. Of course some people don't like the effect that adding frames cause.
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