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4th Xbox to get RROD

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User Info: Heracylost

4 years ago#11
My 360 died last week. Got the slim 250gb with darksiders 2, downloadible Arkham city for 250$ on sale.
I hope the slims are better than the old ones. They were junk.

User Info: barrysshoes

4 years ago#12
LEGEND_725 posted...

What's your secondary error code? This might give a clue as to whether or not it's just bad luck or if it's mainly your fault.

User Info: LiqiudusSnake

4 years ago#13
model tc?
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User Info: jimm120

4 years ago#14
My first xbox (a 2006 model) got the RROD once and fixed still works.

My 2nd xbox (a 2009 jasper model) has always worked.
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User Info: magemaximus

4 years ago#15
I was thinking about buying a new 360 (still rocking the 20GB one from 2006), but next gen is starting soon, so I changed my mind.
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User Info: Tube_of_Noob

4 years ago#16
You either need to stop buying first generation 360's or give that console plenty of room to breathe. I can't help but think some of that is your fault tc.
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