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I miss WW2 video games... And I want a truly historic one too...

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User Info: mtjormitch

4 years ago#1
Say what you will back then. But with the current glut of modern shooters has just left a bad taste in my mouth. Almost constantly I shoot brown and or Russian people constantly to the point where I do not blame any middle east or Russian country for hating us because of our games.

Honestly, most modern shooters are pretty damn racist. You may say I am a hyprocrit for saying WW2 wasn't like that too. But here's the thing, WW2 happened, COD series starting from 4 never was real or based on reality. The developers honestly thought that these people are the enemy almost constantly.

I am quite sick of all this fictional bloodshed that feels racist. I want a historical WW2 third person game. One which you get to view certain events through different eyes. I want to see a British family set up in a homemade bunker to try and stay safe from a bombing raid! I want to see concentration camps from both the people who were in them to the German soldiers that let that crap happen. I want to see even American soldiers first encounter such places.

I want to see the worst to the best humanity has to offer in a realistic fashion. I want to see the story of Schindler told through a video game. Or what happened with Japanese Americans when they were forced into camps here in the states. I want to see families torn apart and brought back together like how it really happened!

Or stories like Simo Haya, the most accomplished sniper who had ever lived. So feared by Russians that they even tried to bomb him, bring in special forces soldiers to even blowing off half his face. He just woke up a week later and tried to go at more war after having a confirmed 700 kills...

To people like Audie Murphy who somehow accomplished action movie feats to the point where the movie based on them had to cut them out because of how highly unrealistic it actually was!

To groups like the special effects masters who helped confuse German soldiers with inflatable tanks!

All the way to scientists who helped create the atomic bomb and it's first use to it's other uses on Japan as the pilots to the people on the ground who witnessed what happened. All historical to the point of OCD levels of perfection.

All the way to the worst that war brought... the concentration camps and Nanking... the less I say about that the better, not because of how horrible it truly was, but also because I may get modded just by mentioning just a few things that had happened with that. Let me just say this about it. There is a reason why every Asian country hates Japan's guts and I can fully understand why they would feel that way.

I say that such a video game should be created, not because it would be interesting. But so that future generations can understand what had happened during that war, to the worst of things to the best of them and to remind the world what all had happened during that war.

Soon, people will forget what happened back then and just think such things could never happen again. Should we as a species keep taking that chance or should we show our children, and our childrens children what people had done, had to do, or wished they never did? Such a game would be a historic retelling of what had happened so the future could know all of it, laid bare in a interactive manner so we ourselves could see through the eyes that had seen such things. No movie could ever accomplish this, no book or comic book, A video game can show people these events in a way which can last with us for the rest of our lives as we play such important video games. All it needs is some developer getting enough balls to actually do it!

What do you guys think? Would you be willing to play such a historically important video game?
People need to realize that games are art. Seriously, it's been proven over and over again. I think it's about time to people to man up and finally say this.

User Info: Gunvalkyrie2

4 years ago#2
too long. won't read.
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  3. I miss WW2 video games... And I want a truly historic one too...

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