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I thought you couldn't play music through your ipod?

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User Info: ReggieBush09

4 years ago#11
gamerman57 posted...
TheBlueStig posted...
gamerman57 posted...
Weird. What kind of Ipod do you guys have? Mine is a Nano.

Those are limited to just 4GB right? That could be a formatting thing, if the larger drives aren't done in FAT32 they won't show up in the 360, just like any other external device.

No. Mine holds 8GB. It is a second or third generation Nano (its the gen before the camera gen).

To get to the music, I hit the guide button, scroll over to "Media", scroll down to "Select Music", select "Ipod" (or whatever you named it in iTunes. Mine is [My Name]'s Ipod), and go from there to album, or artist, etc.


User Info: Fustmonkey

4 years ago#12
The ipods work, there used to be a media update, you may need to get that.

Ipod touch and Iphone don't work by plugging in, but you can use AirMusic or FullBlast to stream from them to the 360 or other device. Airmusic for the normal person, FullBlast if you want to control the music from the device itself. FullBlast is nice and it works, but there is sometimes a delay from when you start streaming to when the music actually starts on the Xbox, and if you pause it gets weird.
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User Info: the36thchamber

4 years ago#13
^ yeah make sure you dl the optional media update

some nanos (im not sure which gens) can only do play all. you click on the device or hit y for play all to start playing music and it will take a couple minutes to start. other nanos you can access all the playlists and stuff and titll start playing right away

also whatever you use it cant play purchased songs in the purchased or protected AAC format. you can create an AAC version in itunes and that will work.
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User Info: SoulClank

4 years ago#14
Here is the easiest way to do this. Why bother to plug in your iPod when you could just download that SyncStream app and stream the music to your Xbox. So easy that way. Needs wifi though so I could see that if you don't have wifi it won't work.

User Info: SoulClank

4 years ago#15
If it's not a touch I pod then it wouldn't work. Try a cell if you have wifi on it could get the same app. Also I;ve had issues with mp3's not working on my Xbox via wired like it wont pick up the files.

User Info: psprulz2007

4 years ago#16
I have a 8gig ipod. Its an older model. Like before the first touch came out. Long flat and skinny. But I plugged mine in the other day so I could jam out using my turtle beach headsets and not my crappy $3 headphones.

All my music showed up.
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