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What are you playing now? Rate it..

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User Info: Gary Stanton

Gary Stanton
4 years ago#51
Metroid: Other M - 7/10

Any of the Metroid Prime games are better than this. And since Nintendo got Tecmo/Team Ninja to develop this, mixing their difficulty into this recipe, this gives Other M the feel that it's the hardest Metroid game since Metroid 1 back in 1987.
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User Info: dtmr

4 years ago#52
Megaman Legends 3 - 0/10
It's like this game doesn't even exist!
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User Info: Oldskool_Rulez

4 years ago#53
Finally started I Am Alive. It's different than I expected, but I'm having fun and enjoying it.
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User Info: pots555

4 years ago#54
Splinter Cell Blacklist:

8.5/10. It's an amazing stealth game but the save system is not to my liking. On some missions, if you get spotted, you go right back at the beginning. I understand the logic behind this decision, but it can become frustrating.

Saints Row IV:

8.8/10. This is my first Saints Row game. I am loving it. It is really funny and it's unlike anything I ever played before. The super powers are really great.

Tales of Xillia:

9.2/10. My first Tales game. I am blown away. This game does not feel repetitive at all, the combat is fun and I am really into the story. Great game.

User Info: welder7

4 years ago#55
I'm playing Bioshock 2 - I give it an 8.75 / 10. It is a great game - much better than it typically gets credit for.

User Info: JayD186

4 years ago#56
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection - 8/10

It's good, but it's missing somethings from the original games like the nightmare in MGS3.
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User Info: Matt_256

4 years ago#57
BBBanks03 posted...
Rayman Origins 9.5/10 (Almost finished, might go even higher once I do)

I can’t believe it took me so long to jump into this game, but I’m happy that I finally did. Went in expecting a solid game but got what might be in my top 5 games of this gen. An absolute crime that it didn’t sell better. If you have even a remote interest in platformers you really do owe it to yourself to check it out, it’s certainly cheap enough. Actually kinda happy I’m playing it now, as the sequel is right around the corner!

I did the same thing last year. I was actually really disappointed in myself for not having played it earlier. Awesome game.

User Info: orangenee

4 years ago#58
Dead Rising 2 7/10. Just got the S ending 30 minutes ago along with level 50. Don't need to play that again.

Now back to Dragon Age 2 until I find something else this week.
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User Info: kungfuj0

4 years ago#59
Saint's Row 4: 8.0/10

Good, solid, but not spectacular game.

Probably should have been called SR 3.75 because while it is more than an expansion pack, I am not sure it is different enough from SR3 to warrant being called a full game. It's also missing some things that SR3 had, especially customization-wise.

I've had good fun with this game in the week that I've had it, but I've also had some frustrations (like no cars spawning during an Insurance Fraud activity...) I bought it on release day, but if I had it to do over again, I think I would have either rented it or waited until Black Friday to get it. Ultimately, I will get my money's worth out of it, as I will do at least 2 playthroughs (1 male, 1 female), but still....kinda wish I had waited now.

I am one of those people who thinks the series was at its best with SR2, so take that for what its worth.
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User Info: Look_A_Username

4 years ago#60
I actually started more games than I expected to lately since I got a ps3, but I'm trying to tackle one game at a time now lol. So lately I've been playing GoW: Ghost of Sparta and I'd probably give that at least an 8
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