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What are you playing now? Rate it..

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User Info: SavageDonzilla

4 years ago#61
Battlefield 3(PC) 8.5/10 - Very nice to look at. Handles well. And when I don't get on a map with an insane amount of tickets, fun.

D&D:Daggerdale(360) 5/10 - Unresponsive controls, shallow "skill trees," inane story, glitches galore, overall blah but dammit if I won't complete it.
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User Info: OracleGunner

4 years ago#62
Saints Row 4: 4/5
Good game, so far no glitches outside of some minor screen tearing but that is more than likely my TV.
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User Info: SoulClank

4 years ago#63
nothing 7/10

- could be playing something
- wasting time on here
-+ at college
+ at least I'm not dead
+ Bag of Doritos

User Info: stargazer1981

4 years ago#64
Waiting for TMNT: Out of the Shadows. Nothing else matters.

Finished recently: The Bureau. 7/10. Decent strategic combat. Great setting and period-centric dialogue and story. Tedious errands in the hub base.

I concur with Doritos. Cool Ranch. All day.
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User Info: chex81

4 years ago#65

gt/psn: chex81
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