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Offline co-op games

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User Info: Bedders8888

4 years ago#1
I'm looking for good games with offline co-op.

Any suggestions?

I've already played the Borderlands games, Gears games and Portal 2.

User Info: Justice98405

4 years ago#2
It took a lot of hate when it released, but Hunted: The Demon's Forge was a fun game, and even better in local co-op with a friend. Played the entire campaign in co-op and had a good time. The game should easily be 20 or less new now.

I played the PS3 version, but I'm sure the 360 one is no different.
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User Info: TheMuffin

4 years ago#3
JascoD~ He said black ops 2, not Battlefield 3. CoD can be played at the same time you're making a sandwich.
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