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This gen: 1 thing you loved; 1 thing you hated; 1 thing you hope for the next

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User Info: BBBanks03

3 years ago#1
Considering weíre obviously coming to a close of this gen I thought itíd be fun to take a look back on what everybody thought the last few years of games did well, something they didnít do well at all, and one thing youíre hoping the next gen will bring us. That of course could be some relatively new development you hope continues into the next gen, or maybe something you felt wasnít as emphasized as much this gen that you hope makes a comeback in the next.

I loved: the online marketplace. While I know there was a lot of shady DLC going, thereís also been examples where itís been done really right this gen, and has given us a great opportunity to get more out of a game we loved. Borderlands 2 and Bioshock Infinite seems on track to doing this the right way to please their fans. On top of that, the XBLA and indie game scene has really opened things up for some fantastic games we probably would have never seen.

I hated: the downfall of Capcom. Last gen, Capcom would have probably been my favorite developer; I loved almost everything they did. These days, even without all their shady business practices, I donít really feel like thereís a single series they managed to do right by, and seem to be all too content to piss their fans off. Iím really hoping they can right the ship, but weíll see.

Hoping for: probably less of an emphasis on sequels and more on well thought-out new IPs that boast creativity and strong writing with deep gameplay. Basically, games that look towards the future but donít forget about where they came from.

Whatís yours?
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User Info: SunDevil77

3 years ago#2
Love: Arcade/Indie games.
Hate: How loud and vile some gamers have become over the internet.
Hope: The return of mech games, and for Nintendo to start knocking it out of the park with the Wii U. Much like they did with the 3DS.
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User Info: pothocket

3 years ago#3
Loved: Games finally defining the narrative language of their medium in regards to what it means to experience the plot rather than read or watch it.

Hated: Publishers taking the "flavor" our of their games in order to appeal to as much of the market as possible and the use of the same copy/pate game mechanics over and over (every game doesn't have to have crafting/hunting/bows in it, guys).

Hope For: An AI narrative director to complement a gameplay director (as seen in L4D).
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User Info: MrBathingApe

3 years ago#4
Loved Lots of great arcade releases: perfect ports of classics like the Cave shooters and the rebirth of the fighting game scene.

Hated The tedious obsession with the indie scene, as if a bunch of pretentious amateurs churning out lightweight pseudo art games are the answer to the homogeneity of AAA releases

Hope for More variety. Hopefully this cold be done with more prominent digital distribution. Right now we have expensive boxed games, and anything less than AAA production often gets overlooked and percieved as less value for money in this environment. Then there is the cheap XBLA games, with little inbetween. Greater range of pricing could lead to a greater variation of projects.
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User Info: gabrius

3 years ago#5
Hate: Party Chat
Hope: A price drop in a few years.
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User Info: SixStringHero

3 years ago#6
Loved the diversity of games.

Hated online passes

Hope for more space sims like Wing Commander, X Wing, Colony Wars etc
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User Info: E8Silicon

3 years ago#7
Loved: More expansive games with better narrative structures and more brought-to-life worlds(not just graphics)

Hated: DLC Content that could have easily been part of the game but was dropped and made into micro transactions/Day-one DLC. Only Rockstar, Bethesda, and Gearbox made truly great pieces of DLC this gen IMO.

Hope For: Single-player to coexist with multiplayer and not be dropped completely
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User Info: HMXTaylor_Lee

3 years ago#8
Loved: The expansions of games through DLC. Rock Band, Borderlands 2, Fallout 3/NV, and games of that ilk really showed how the online marketplace could be done well.

Hated: The lack of unlockables in favor of paid transactions. A foil to the point above, where downloadable bonuses and content are trifling 108kb files that simply nickel and dime the consumer for items that were seemingly cut from the game.

Hoping For: More of an emphasis on quality over quantity regarding sequels. There's a reason GTA titles sell when they do eventually release.

User Info: BDza

3 years ago#9
Loved= Rewards programs that allowed you to earn credits/points to spend on marketplaces (without forcing you to enter a credit card), gave players exclusive merchandise or in game items, and even a few free games.

Hated= Tacked on multiplayer (online or off) to games where more time could have been spent improving/lengthening single player experience.

Hope= That all the consoles continue to try to move gaming in new directions that we haven't even thought of.
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User Info: DRzCalderon

3 years ago#10
Loved: Graphics and Detail

Hated: Disc Locked Content

Hope: More content and fluidity among animations.
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