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Rate: Silent Hill Downpour/Homecoming/HD Collection

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User Info: KingKilvas

4 years ago#1
Never played any of those Silent Hill games. I heard the HD collection is a terrible port but I don't have either 2 or 3....

Are Homecoming and Downpour any good? Reviews seem to be mixed all around.
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User Info: OMG_AIDS

4 years ago#2
Homecoming - 3/10, Absolutely terrible. One or two enemy designs are the only redeeming features.
Downpour - 6/10, Significantly better gameplay than Homecoming but has crap enemy design and story.
SH HD - 7/10 A terrible port of two of the best survival horror games ever made.
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User Info: scoobydoobydont

4 years ago#3
All-7/10. Worth playing, worth buying from a bargain bin/on sale. Never understood the hate. Homecoming has all of one serious flaw-lack of proper invert. HD has some issues, but nothing major unless you're anal. Downpour is just fine, no caveats. I should note, I love SH and think every SH has been better than every RE, so make of that what you will. And yes, that means I legit liked The Room over RE4.
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User Info: 656stooge

4 years ago#4
I'll rate them all so you can get a sense of what I like and don't like about the series.

SH1 - 9/10
SH2 - 10/10 (although I like the first one more)
SH3 - 8.5/10
SH4 - 7.5/10
SHOrigins - 7/10
Shattered Memories - 7/10
Homecoming - 6/10
Downpour - 5/10

And I haven't bothered with the HD collection because it's meant to be awful.

Anyway, with my system a five out of ten means very average. So a six isn't that bad and an eight is pretty damn good.
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User Info: Kevageit

4 years ago#5
Homecoming - 7.5 fun, decent story, more actiony (not in a good way), has UFO ending :)
Downpour - 5 never got more than an hour into it, not very interesting
HD - 8.5 Has SH2 and SH3, SH2 is a crap version, love the game itself but they gave us some sort of beta version instead of what we could get on PS2 for $5, terrible graphics, fog is a static wall instead of flowing, bugs out like hell. Sh3 is great, few bugs but still great
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