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Do you think they will ever remake Halo 2?

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User Info: Tim_Lince_kun

3 years ago#21
I hated the campaign and I'll tell you why without saying anything about being let down or disappointed about the hype.

When I think about Halo 1, I recall it having a chaotic and explosive opening where Covenant were boarding the Pillar of Autumn and unleashing hell all around the ship. Bombs went off through maintenance bays, crew members were getting killed left and right, and you were running around frantically without a weapon. Halo 2 attempts the same type of opening with Covenant boarding the station out of nowhere but you notice it carries none of the exciting nature that CE had in its opening. The music rarely got upbeat to establish the exciting nature of an invasion. It tended to be more moody and atmosphereic; that's very incompatible music for such an intense scenario. The most serious occurrences in the level which include the bombings of Malta Station and Athens Station are presented poorly using only dialogue and off distance visuals. Due to the first person nature of the game, there's no guarantee you would've been looking out the window to notice such a thing happening. The game also did very little to immerse you into the situation of a bomb going off. There was no tension in getting to the bomb before it exploded. It was purely a plot device used so you could watch the cool scene with Master Chief blowing up a Covenant ship in a badass way. Openings in games are vital to establishing the mood and Halo 2 opened on a fizz rather than a bang.

Another misstep I think Halo 2 took was the removal of the Assault Rifle from the game. Personally, the Assault Rifle was my favorite weapon and was the most viable gun for medium range encounters against the Covenant. When they removed that weapon and replaced it with an SMG which was weaker, more recoil prone, and had little ammo reserve, they effectively made medium range combat much more difficult. As a result, the battle rifle became the name of the game along with the longer range combat that suited it. Unfortunately, the distance that resulted due to more focus on long range combat made the game less immersive. The Elites in CE were terrifying and being up close, firing away your Assault Rifle at them was one of the most satisfying feelings ever. Especially satisfying was witnessing one getting close to death and going absolutely berserk, trying to bum rush you. But due to the Battle Rifle, you rarely had to go up close to them. There were less opportunities to have those great, close encounters when you kept unfair advantage by popping caps into them with the BR from a distance.

That's all I'll say for now but I have much more complaints.
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User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
3 years ago#22
I'd forgotten they removed the AR.
Yeah, that was insanely dumb. I'm not great with burst weapons. In fact I suck at them. Having no viable fully auto weapon, or hell even a semi automatic weapon since they nerfed the pistol waaaay too much (faster shots, but weaker projectiles? Didn't work guys, sorry.)
The SMG had worse accuracy, pretty sure it did less damage and recoiled like hell. It just wasn't fun to use. Also the sound effect made it sound like a box of fire crackers going off.

And I forgot one of the things I actually hated about Halo 2. The Elites speaking English.

I've had this debate with a few board members before. I say "Them speaking an incomprehensible language made them more threatening since you didn't know what they were ordering. They roared at you, they shouted unintelligble orders. They were more mysterious and threatening as a result."
The reply is usually "They're big dumb generic cartoon aliens dressed in primary colours, they were never threatening."

Missing the point, I feel. They felt more dangerous and threatening than when they spoke in english for no understandable reason. I'll never forget landing on Delta Halo and hearing one of them yell "Argh! I've been PUNC-tured!". It took me right out of the game because it was such an unnatural and forced line. Suddenly the covenent felt pathetic.

Oh yeah, and Halo 2 created the Drones. Or the spawn...or buggers, whatever the heck their nickname ended up being.
Flying grunts that make generic bug noises and fly around doing chip damage to you. They're not fun to fight, they're just bloody annoying.
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User Info: AsylumXperiment

3 years ago#23
Somnambulistic posted...
What they need to do:

- Take all of Halo 2's MP
- HD-ify it
- Touch up the engine a tiny bit
- Release on LIVE as standalone $20/$30 title
- Make millions upon millions and never have to worry about another Halo game ever again

The fact that Frankie/343 have said that they would love to do it, they just don't really have the time atm, is a good sign.

Oh, and it definitely works on 360.

This would be awesome! Some of the best times I've had on Xbox live.
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User Info: Tim_Lince_kun

3 years ago#24
Bored so I'll complain more about Halo 2. I think DragNex is spot on with the enemies being pretty dull. Halo 2 failed to make meaningful additions to the enemy roster that deepened gameplay. When the drones were encountered during a level, they typically flew all over the place like a horde of house flies being swatted at and eventually found a place along the walls to settle on while blasting their plasma pistols. While they did this, they usually stood very still and occasionally made a jump to another corner of the room. Now, this was incredibly frustrating because they effectively turned the game into a plodding, shooting gallery for a minute. You basically played hide and tag with these bugs at an unbearably slow pace. Since they kept their distance, only the battle rifle and the carbine were viable weapons.

I thought brutes were a fun addition when I first saw the game. However, playing the game reveals their ridiculous amount of health and utterly nonsensical durability. These guys are the biggest bullet sponges in the game and they soak up a full clip of SMG rounds before dropping which doesn't make any sense considering they have no shields. They effectively turned Halo into something more reminiscent of a Doom 3 enemy. These apes were also very prone to chimpanzee freakouts and bum-rushing you the way Elites would do when they were low on health. This made sense for Elites but due to the tankiness of the brute, this would usually end in a scenario where you were holding the right trigger, emptying clips into these guys while they were whaling on you in a corner. Tanky enemies are not a problem in games but tanky enemies in shooters presents problems. There is little depth in just firing endless amounts of bullets into a single minion who is overly durable. There's exceptions among other games like Left 4 Dead with the Tank but they made it much more deeper due to the collaboration required amongst teammates.
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User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
3 years ago#25
It was later revealed that like so many things in Halo 2, the Brute's AI was unfinished.
I made the point earlier, the Flood in Halo 1 were operating on a very limited AI due to the game needing to be pushed out for the Xbox launch. If you shot their arms off, they couldn't do anything to you. They were always meant to ride vehicles and such but they had no time to impliment it.

Brutes are kind of the same. They had very little AI outside of "shoot at player" and "Go into rage and charge the player". No taking cover, no flanking, no nothing. and again, they had too much HP and no real sense that you were really doing any damage to them.

Weirdly they fixed this in Halo 3 onwards by basically turning them into slightly weaker elites with armour that comes off, leaving them vulnerable to a few more shots to finish them off. Only difference being their armous doesn't "recharge" like an elite's shield.

In this respect it really did feel like they got the Covenant right the first time out. They didn't *need* anything new to the roster. Halo 4 seems evidense of this, with the Brutes and Drones taken out in favour of the original collection.
"Everything popular is wrong." - Oscar Wilde
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