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Your greatest Xbox 360 gaming moments.

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User Info: Leeono

3 years ago#1
What are your top Xbox 360 moments? The ones that made your jaw drop, the times you pulled an amazing comeback and so on.

My top two are a co- op moment and an achievement unlock. The co-op was my team mate was trapped by 5 enemies on splinter cell conviction. I managed to get behind and take one as a human shield before using mark and execute the remaining 4. 5 dead enemies, one rescued team mate, 3 seconds passed. I felt like a real hero lol!

The second best 360 moment was unlocking the old school achievement on War of the Worlds. Took a lot of practice and patience but finally seeing that pop up... Very satisfying. Going by only 4 people on that site have it and I only know of one other legit claim. But I was still first to unlock it!

So what are yours? Make us smile!
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User Info: LeftWid3Open

3 years ago#2
Stepping into the Capital Wasteland for the first time.

Nuking Megaton.

Being launched into Columbia.

My first Call of Duty online experience. Sorry.

User Info: SunDevil77

3 years ago#3
^ Might want some spoilers for that second one.

Oh, and this mission is mine. Especially this part:
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User Info: UddersAndBlades

3 years ago#4
Playing Castle Crashers online

First time playing the final stage and fighting the final boss of Vampire Smiles -

Beating the Ender Dragon in Minecraft for the first time

Fighting Lord Gwyn and getting 1000/1000 in Dark Souls

Borderlands 2, fighting Angel. I loved all of Handsome Jack's dialogue, it was kind of sad to see him being truly sympathetic.
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User Info: master_gamr1231

3 years ago#5
Exiting the sewers in Oblivion. My one best moment. You just see a whole, wide open world spread out before you, both in the game and as a metaphor for the 360 as a whole.
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User Info: Prince Enix

Prince Enix
3 years ago#6
SunDevil77 posted...
^ Might want some spoilers for that second one.

That's like an hour and a half into the game and has nothing to do with the main plot. I don't think you need spoilers for that.

But the best moment was probably the first time I completed the Suicide Mission in ME2. Just absolute perfection.
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