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saints row or splinter cell

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User Info: ShadowElite86

4 years ago#11
I rented SRIV yesterday and it's not worth buying IMO. The graphics are fairly ugly on my 50", but my main complaint is that it tries to be Crackdown and Prototype but fails to do anything better than those games aside from the shooting controls. The super sprint is cool but the overall movement of your character just isn't as fluid as those other games in regards to anything else. They should've just did what Ubisoft did with Blood Dragon and released it as an XBLA game.

Give SRIV a rent and pick it up down the road for $20-30.
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User Info: MUD VIPER

4 years ago#12
SR4 isn't that good. My friend was hyped to hell and back over that game and ended up getting 100 percent complete within 2 days. And theres not much to do once you beat it. Just sayin game thats out less than a week and already completed/bored of it = bad.

If you're gonna get GTA V anyway, might as well wait for the superior 3PS.

In all fairness GTA IV and more than likely five can/could be done in the same amount of time, its just GTA's playerbase consist largely of mindless fanboys that entertain themselves for hours just driving around and causing chaos.
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