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Halo 4 getting GOTY

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User Info: levyjl1988

3 years ago#1

Halo 4 will receive a Game of the Year Edition this October.

A source provided IGN with the image below, which outs the new version of Halo 4 as being available for $49.99 this fall along with Spartan Ops Season 1, a War Games Map Pass, the Halo 4 Champions Bundle and the digital content previously available as pre-order bonuses or in the Halo 4 Limited Edition.

My guess store exclusive preorder bonuses and le content will hit the marketplace.
This will eventually hit $20, the vanilla game did so.

Anyone going to pick this up? or do you already own a copy?
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User Info: orangenee

3 years ago#2
Already played it, no intention to do so again.
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User Info: corex3d

3 years ago#3
thats awesome glad i waited although i was waiting for a lower price on halo 4 did not expect to see a goty edition for it
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