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Xbox 360 ranks 2nd in Edge's Best Consoles of the Past 20 Years

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User Info: BigLongDowner

3 years ago#21
simonbelmont2 posted...
The Dreamcast was a great console just badly marketed.

Dreamcast had potential but Sega blew it. I had four games for my Dreamcast at the time.

N64 and PlayStation would be my top two. N64 simply for the fun factor, PS for great RPGs.
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User Info: GinsuVictim

3 years ago#22
I own three Dreamcasts, so I'm putting them in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th spots. ;)
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User Info: Vlayer

3 years ago#23
Having Wii above the Original Xbox sickens me.
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User Info: velvet_hammer

3 years ago#24
Vlayer posted...
Having Wii above the Original Xbox sickens me.

having the 360 at #2 sickens me and I have owned one since 06.. ps3 and 360 library is about 95% the same thing.. I guess old school dvd player, paid online, needing batteries, minuscule hd drive, and lesser exclusives then ps3 makes it #2... TLoU, Ni no Kuni, Dragons Crown just this half a year are better then any exclusives 360 has had in over 2 years.. Lets also not forget how much better PS+ is to Gold XBL

Its cool though Edge has been a joke to me for years, their just keeping the Status quo
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User Info: KakkaKarrotKake

3 years ago#25
Why isn't the Nuon on this list?

User Info: kazooie959

3 years ago#26
BDza posted...
YodaCrackers posted...

1. PlayStation 2
2. Xbox 360
3. PlayStation
4. Nintendo 64
5. GameCube
6. DS lite
7. PlayStation 3
8. Wii
9. Xbox
10. Dreamcast

A hand held system is considered a console? Hmm maybe I'm just being too picky...

Perhaps but whats even more strange is they picked the DS lite specifically and on top of that left the GBC and GBA out completely.

I mean in the past 20 years there weren't that many more consoles out just missing the PC (which I doubt would even be shown on the list), GBA, Vita, DSi (maybe?), 3DS, GBC, Saturn, WiiU and the PSP.

I don't think I'm missing any big consoles so why didn't they just make a list of every system and call is a System Ranking they only needed to do like 10 more spots...

It's just an odd list
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User Info: beastwarking

3 years ago#27
I'd switch the PS3 and 360, drop off the Dreamcast and replace it with the PSP, drop the N64 and PSOne down a bit, and move the Gamecube up to number 3.

Other than that, not a bad list.
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User Info: _LordAndSavior

3 years ago#28
I say N64 Edges out playstation.
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User Info: Winternova

3 years ago#29
_LordAndSavior posted...
I say N64 Edges out playstation.

The PlayStation's library outclasses the N64's at every turn...and the games were cheaper to boot. There's no contest, really.
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User Info: Bac0n01

3 years ago#30
VeryDarkSoul posted...
MrFwibbles posted...
Saturn should have had a spot on this list.

I know no one who had a saturn lol

I owned a Saturn! Also a Dreamcast. The thing was AAWESOME! Who else loved the DC? So many memories of SC and Powerstone! Also, Ready 2 Rumble (!!!) Boxing! Anyone else here play that one?
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