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What are you guys with huge backlogs of games thinking?

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User Info: zeuscat

4 years ago#41
Right now this is exactly what I am saying.

New consoles are coming out soon. Games being traded in are a commin. I am going to wait at least one year while playing games I loves and games I missed out on and then make a decision for my next console purchase.

Just picked up a copy of Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition. I never played any of the DLC packs plus there are still games coming out that I want to get. Southpark can't come fast enough.
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User Info: coldwine

4 years ago#42
I have a huge backlog of games -- hundreds -- and I'm going to be buried with them. Plus any supermodels that I can lure into my cave.
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User Info: Halo_Forever

4 years ago#43
I personally buy some games that my family might want to play, there are games like Divinity II that I have played perhaps 3 hours of, but the rest of the family has played 100 times that. Despite that I have around 200 games in my backlog on the X360 alone a family aggregate shows that only around 50 or so games have not been played through by someone (most of these being either driving games* or eternity projects like Skyrim, I played Morrowind on one character for something like 550 hours before completing it)

*My completion criteria for driving games makes them a bit tough to complete leading to over-representation in the backlog.
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User Info: Seanie1200

4 years ago#44
My backlog is not an intentional thing but with the sales that have happened on live in the last few months some games have been such a steal that I grabbed them - Bully last week for less than £3, Max Payne 3 for £4.49 a few months back, Dark Souls for £8.99 etc - and I still haven't seen then cheaper anywhere.

If I am only paying a couple of quid for something I don't mind adding it to a backlog. I wouldn't do it with full price games though. Quite a bit of my backlog is DLC - I am downloading Awakened for Dead Space 3 and Leviathan for Mass Effect 3 at the moment because they are on sale and I don't know if or when they will be this cheap again.

Also some games just hook you in. I spent about 6 months each on both Skyrim and Borderlands 2. Despite getting a couple of new games in each of those 6 months I ended going back to them and putting off starting the games I had bought. Other games have the opposite effect. I can really enjoy the first hour or so but then lose interest, especially if there is not much variation in the game and nothing new ocmes along to hold my interest. I will still finish the game eventually but it may be a couple of years down the line.

User Info: pitt12177

4 years ago#45
I wasn't thinking. I was just adding games to my log because they were cheap ($10 or less).


When I finally got the tenacity to play through some of the titles, I realized they were dated, clunky and lacking compared to some of the newer games I had tried. I played through a heck of a lot of good titles in the last year, but a lot of bad ones as well. In the end, I reconsidered what I used my time on and forcing myself to play something just didn't make sense. So now I only add during Steam sales and watch streams for the rest of them.
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