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Assassin's Creed: Ezio is the only good protagonist?

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User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
4 years ago#21
TheWaiting posted...
I like all the assassins, though I can't comment on the girl from the vita game. But I did enjoy Connor a lot. I do see how some people could think he was dull. But I enjoyed his story. His story had more personal stakes than the other assassins it seemed.

Now, see...I really disagree with that.
Sure his tribe was affected, but how many times was that actually relevent to what was going on?
The story kept trying to give him a suitable antagonist, and they guy they chose had such a huge personality 180 after the initial plot twist that he became a saturday morning cartoon villain.

The revolutionary war just seemed to happen around him, with him stumbling into the big events that lead up to it like some 1990s educational CD ROM game. He didn't really take part in them, he was just there. And again, his tribe was threatened and such, but it never felt like what I was doing was helping in any way.

Connor never gave a damn about the brotherhood, simply using it as a means to an end. The brotherhood itself consisted of Connor and one old man. It's the smallest and least effectual it had ever been.There was no sense of being a small part in a greater whole, there was just you bumbling around, meeting people, throwing out ignorant threats only to be educated on why your "Durr, let's just hit everyone on da head 8B" approach was not going to work, followed by you just doing as your told like a good boy.

Dude had very little personality other than "I'm angry nd we should DO something! >8C" or "Dammit old man, you've given me everything and I'm going to be ungrateful about it!!" or "I has a sad 8C But now I'm angry about it!"
He certainly didn't have any kind of character arc.

He was just a bland character and poorly written. It felt like most of the time they were just trying to give him something to do. I kinda blame the historical setting too, because the revolutionary wars were mostly political arguments taking place in Britain and France while the war was fought by regiments that line up in turn based combat. Not much for the brotherhood to really do there.
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User Info: Aegis_Runestone

4 years ago#22
Swab18 posted...
Ezio was a total badass

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User Info: hell_tanuki

4 years ago#23
Killah Priest posted...
Altair was my favorite assassins creed character.
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User Info: GodDogs

4 years ago#24
Ezio was my favorite because he had the most personality and has the unfair advantage of being in the best games of the series.

I liked Altair, but his American voice acting is jarring. It might be a minor nitpick, but its enough to pull me out of the experience and his character, when everyone else around him has an accent and he sounds like your typical gruff video game protagonist. Revelations changed this, but now it feels inconsistent. But, that's strictly his voice, which doesn't really affect his character arc, which is actually quite good. Starts off as an arrogant "do anything for the brotherhood no questions asked" kind of man, to one who truly questions what's going on and understands the errors of his ways to become something on his own.

Connor intrigued me at first, but like Dragon pointed out, there's never really a reason for him to actually be a part of anything he's doing. He's just sort of there to showcase a history lesson of sorts. He's also pretty much the same character from beginning to end, which makes him boring. The best scene with him, however, doesn't even happen in the main storyline! It's when Achilles dies, and it only happens when you complete the homestead missions - something completely optional. IMO, AC3 should've featured Haytham as the main character for the whole game, then a spinoff or even DLC akin to brotherhood that would then introduce Connor.

Does anyone else get the feeling Ubisoft is going to turn Edward Kenway in AC4 into another Ezio, but miss the mark? I get the feeling they took the Connor criticism to heart, so lets have another charming ladies man type guy...
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User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
4 years ago#25
I'd said it at the time, but honestly I cared way more about the trials and tribulations of what was going on in the homestead and its people than I ever did about the revolutionary war etc.

We met people, helped them, saw them settle down and get jobs and contribute, we saw relationships, saw them interacting with each other and working on a day to day basis. I actually gave a damn about what was going on and it was kinda sad when I'd completed the homestead's story.

The rest of the story in the main game was so much uninvolved meh.
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User Info: brunbbmerc

4 years ago#26
they're all bland, ezio is just the least bland

haytham was the best
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User Info: glassghost0

4 years ago#27
Connor > Altair > Ezio

I kinda hated Ezio, I found Connor way more interesting
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User Info: Infinite 2003

Infinite 2003
4 years ago#28

User Info: Bloodlines1191

4 years ago#29
I liked Connor. I don't like how many people just disregard any good points people debate about him or criticize others for liking him.

But as this topic proves, there's alot of people who like Ezio for his personality. One thing about AC (and maybe other games) is being a badass doesn't cut it. And when you have personality and you aren't a badass, you suck for that too (Raiden for example).

Same with Altair. Stoic = bland.
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User Info: Guide

4 years ago#30
I don't get how Altair is somehow more bland than Connor.
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