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xbox won't reconige disc most of the time

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User Info: deadpigs101

3 years ago#1
So I mostly dl my games, last game i put in my xbox was Assassin Creed 3. I bought Halo 4 yesterday and my xbox wouldn't read the disc, and acted like it was empty (it should be noted my xbox disc tray gets stuck unless a disc is in there). Usually I'll play Civ 5 on my computer while near constantly opening and closing the xbox disc tray and eventually it works, but I would like to install the game on my hard drive which I can't do using this method. Should I take the disc drive apart and clean it out? This seems like a common problem, but most fixes I've come across end up in me slapping my xbox until it works . . not really ideal
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User Info: norrinsands

3 years ago#2
Do you by chance have an old style 360? I have the same issue (and did with Halo 4 in particular). I'd just keep trying until it worked, and when you do get it to read make sure to install-once its installed it generally is less of a problem. It must be whatever method they used to print some of the newer games that the old 360s have a problem with.
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User Info: lokinineteen

3 years ago#3
Look for a guide on how to open the Xbox up and the DVD drive and clean the lens with a cotton bud.

Mine did this last June, gradually read less and less so I took the above steps and its been well over a year and its working perfectly.

User Info: KimCheeWarriorX

3 years ago#4
my first 360 had the exact same problem. it was gradual. at first it wouldnt read it some of the time, then half of the time, then most of the time, until finally it wouldnt authenticate the disc at all. however, whenever it did, as long as you didnt change discs and/or turn off your system, the game would function perfectly with no effect on loading the game and the various content on the disc. the problem would solely be with the 360 authenticating the disc as an actual 360 game. after much hesitation, i just gave up and decided to buy another used fat model 360 and just switched the hard drive to the new system.
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User Info: kpinck

3 years ago#5
Rrrgghhhh, this also happened to me.

I have an old xbox 360 Arcade, never had a problem with it. Purchased Assassins Creed 3 on release, payed £42. Played it for a couple of hours when I got home, enjoyed, put on my to play pile.

I've come back to it recently it and my xbox will simply not read the disc, this is the only game it has ever happened with. I read somewhere that it has something to do with a Microsoft firmware update, this is utter bull###t! It should be fixed, why should I pay £42 for a game that wont work because of something Microsoft has done. I've put it up for sale, be lucky to get £10.

It's stuff like this that is pushing me towards a PS4.

If anyone does know of anyway to fix this it would be appreciated, tried all the usual clear the cache, remove the hardrive sort of things and it is not the laser on my xbox, as I've said this is the only game this happens with.

User Info: Winternova

3 years ago#6
kpinck posted...
Purchased Assassins Creed 3 on release, payed £42.

How much slack in a length of rope can you buy with £42?
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User Info: deadpigs101

3 years ago#7
it was an older one, it had an hdmi port (apparently not all xbox support hdmi). I took it apart and cleaned the laser with a cotton swab and let it dry for about 10 minutes. Works great, think I busted some of the plastics, but considering I'm getting one of those 250 gb xboxs next year I don't think it will be a problem
Thank you guys!!
GT: DonGiovanni023

User Info: Focian

3 years ago#8
Winternova posted...
kpinck posted...
Purchased Assassins Creed 3 on release, payed £42.

How much slack in a length of rope can you buy with £42?

Don't be silly, Winter, he clearly meant that he had a length of rope *worth* £42, that was traded for it.
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