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Might purchase an Xbox

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User Info: Cuzz510

4 years ago#1
Used to own an Xbox 360 until I moved out and gave it to my brother. Haven't had one for about a year and wanted to buy another one. I've been reading up about the Xbox Slim vs the E model and it seems that it'd be a better purchase going with the S model. With GTA 5 coming out in about a week and a half, I've been looking for deals for the Slim and found one on Amazon thats $249.99 :

I was wondering if this was a good deal or if there is any cheaper deals out there. I'm not planning to get the Xbox 1 or PS4 any time soon so I was wondering if it was worth spending 250 on a 360 now.

User Info: orangenee

4 years ago#2
Yes it is, 360 has a massive library of games so that'll keep you going. It'll be a while before next gen reveals it's aces.
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