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As we come to the end of this console generation, how many 360's have you had?

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  3. As we come to the end of this console generation, how many 360's have you had?

User Info: lelewow

3 years ago#201 one week. Two broke
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User Info: GeneralKenobi85

3 years ago#202
Ah, yes, the Negotiator: General Kenobi
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User Info: IronOnion

3 years ago#203
1, and the old 20GB model at that. It RRoD'd once and got repaired, and now its disc tray motor is starting to fail, meaning it'll probably eventually be 2 in the end.
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User Info: HeadBasherMonk

3 years ago#204
Still have my first one from 2007

User Info: gunsmithcat

3 years ago#205

User Info: Arn544

3 years ago#206
1 but I didn't get it till 2009, my brother got one at launch and 3 broke on him.

User Info: Fierce_Deity_08

3 years ago#207
One. Got a slim bundled with Kinect and never looked back. I named it Mr. Wiggles for some unknown reason. I guess I was just being silly.
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User Info: ghostzilla80

3 years ago#208
5. the last one i smashed while on the phone witlh Microsoft thought it poetic

User Info: SuperRup91

3 years ago#209
I have purchased 3 total. 1 original, one slim and one star wars slim. Only the original crapped out on me, but that was after like 5 years of use, so I think I was pretty lucky. I still frequently use the other two. One is in my living room and the other is in my bedroom.

User Info: Evil_the_Nub

3 years ago#210
I'm on my 3rd. My first red ringed, my second fell off a shelf and broke while I was trying to tame the tangled mess of cords behind the entertainment center.

My Gamecube survived being ejected from the trunk of a car in an accident, but a 360 can't survive a 3 foot fall. POS.
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  3. As we come to the end of this console generation, how many 360's have you had?

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